Wardrobe Tracking

I track my wardrobe inventory and log my outfits using Airtable, which is a free and very easy to use web app (with mobile app) that’s a combination spreadsheet and relational database. You can view the schema I use and copy the template here.

I wrote a whole post about Wardrobe Inventory and Outfit Logging Methods, including some simpler ones. If you’re considering starting some sort of outfit or item log but aren’t sure where to start, check it out! I also have some Google Sheets templates for wardrobe tracking there.

I do a “wardrobe round-up” every month where I go over wear counts, purchases, purged items, and favorite outfits. The posts are filed under the Wardrobe Tracking category.

Some Airtable desktop view screenshots:

Airtable Gallery
A gallery view of most worn items in the past 30 days
airtable grid view
A grid view of item wear counts grouped by item type
Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 2.50.37 PM
Gallery view of outfits with an attached photo, filtered to ones with an item that contains the phrase “midi circle skirt”