Personal Style Coaching

Style coaching for people who want to learn why things work, not just be told what works.

I firmly believe that everyone has it in them to DIY their own wardrobe refresh or learn how to style outfits if they can put in the time. It’s just clothes, not brokering world peace! But even so, the process can go more efficiently and you can feel more confident about your direction with the guidance of a style coach. Think of it like exercise – you’re capable of looking up workout rotations online and doing them, but you’ll probably make better progress and feel more motivated with someone coaching you, especially if you haven’t done that sort of exercise before.

Everyone has their own preferences, and learning what you love is a part of the process that can only come from you. But if you’re interested in a methodical approach to curating your personal style and need some direction or just someone to discuss your ideas with, I’d love to work with you!

You can reach me at

Instagram: @mgetsdressed
Email: mgetsdressed at gmail dot com

📆 Multi-session coaching packages

I want to give you the tools and confidence to continue evolving your wardrobe on your own down the line, since style is a very personal thing that changes through the years with our lifestyles and evolving aesthetic preferences.

I’m happy to answer one-off questions about outfits or how to style particular items, but it’s a process rather than a single answer that will reveal your personal style. Rather than me doing one interview with you and then telling you exactly what to buy and wear for different occasions in each subsequent meeting, we’ll spend time distilling the key elements of your wardrobe (where it is now, and where you’d like it to be) and practice creating, evaluating, and iterating on outfits from there.

Pricing: 4 sessions for $250, with each additional session at $60. Each session is a 1-hour Google video call, meeting every 2-4 weeks depending on your schedule and how much you want to cover between sessions. Please email me at mgetsdressed at gmail dot com to schedule a free, no pressure consultation! Payment will be up front for the first four sessions and on a monthly basis after that. I’ll be available via Instagram or email between sessions for questions!

There are two general tracks you can follow. If you identify with both of these, I recommend starting with the wardrobe overhaul.

Wardrobe overhaul

This is for you if you’re in the beginning stages of figuring out what styles you like, or feel your current wardrobe largely doesn’t contain pieces that will let you manifest the aesthetic you have knocking around in your head into outfits that work with your lifestyle.

Finding your personal style and getting your closet to match isn’t something that happens overnight. I’ll provide guidance throughout the process, including things like

  • Coming up with wardrobe goals and long term plan
  • Creating a style inspiration board (or more than one, if that suits your lifestyle and style preferences better!)
    • I will help you create and refine a style board, but I can’t tell you what you do or don’t like, and you will be the one driving the photo collection
  • Breaking down the elements in the style boards and creating outfit formulas
  • Shopping list planning and prioritization
  • Closet clean-out advice and moral support

Depending on what you need help with, we don’t need to cover everything in the list above. Topics covered in each session will be mapped out during a consultation call.

My approach is based on the method outlined in Anuschka Rees’ book The Curated Closet. If you have not checked that book out yet, I highly recommend giving it a read through. You can get it on Amazon or the author’s website for about $25.00 new, or your library may even have a copy. If you don’t want to buy the book quite yet, you can get an idea of the content from the author’s blog archive.

Learn to be your own personal stylist

This is for you if you generally like the wardrobe you have, but feel you aren’t making the most of it. When you put on an outfit that feels slightly off, you find it frustrating to troubleshoot it and aren’t sure whether it’s the styling or an item just won’t work for the look you’re going for.

Working with your current wardrobe, we’ll walk through how you can get in the habit of mindfully styling your daily outfits so that you can get them to look how you want. We don’t all have to go all out and serve looks any time we step out, but we can all become fluent enough in the language of fashion to take any given outfit from “oof, I kind of hate that” to “hey, I’m pretty into this.” Even if you can’t build the perfect outfit at that very moment, you can build the ability to identify concrete things you’d want to change and feel in charge of your sartorial destiny instead of wondering why you vaguely dislike your outfit for the rest of the day.

In this series of meetings, we’ll go over topics like

  • Creating goals and mission statements for your outfits, and strategies to work toward them
  • Setting up a workflow for you to get in the habit of tracking and reviewing your outfits (you don’t have to do this for the rest of your life, but while you’re figuring things out, having references for your outfits is essential).
  • Practicing describing and comparing versions of outfits
  • Identifying patterns in your outfits and wardrobe

🛒 A la carte

If you already have an idea of where you’d like to take your style but need help turning that into something concrete, I can guide you through a particularly prickly step of your personal style update.

These services can be purchased through BuyMeACoffee if I am currently accepting clients. If you would like to get feedback on which of these sessions is a good match for you before committing to one, please send me an email with a link to your style board (e.g. Pinterest board, Google Slides), which service you’re interested in, and any questions or concerns you have. For example, if you are interested in identifying very particular types of vintage suiting, I am probably not the best person to help with that.

Style board analysis

$80 – Do you have a large Pinterest board, slide deck, or folder of fashion inspiration photos and outfits you’d love to wear, that you’re not quite sure what ties it all together? I can distill the key concepts in the board into concrete terms that you can refer to when shopping or putting together outfits.

For examples of the types of information I’d include in a breakdown, see Personal Style Analysis No. 1 and Style Analysis No. 2. While I can distill subcategories in a slightly eclectic board, please note that if your board spans many aesthetics, the multi-session wardrobe overhaul package is probably a better fit for you. This service is intended for people with boards that already have a curated style in mind, but who are not quite sure how to turn the pictures into search terms.

Within 1 week of providing your board and answering a short questionnaire, you will receive a write-up with a high level description, fabrics, colors, outfit formulas, styling details, and any subcategories in your style board. This package does not include specific shopping recommendations i.e. shoppable links, but rather item descriptions like “slouchy/boyfriend blazer in muted color, traditional patterns like houndstooth or herringbone.”

Translating style inspiration to something wearable

$100 – Does your style board have a beautifully curated aesthetic …. full of outfits that are completely impractical for your everyday life? I can provide suggestions on how you can incorporate the spirit of the board into outfits that you can actually wear. This will start off with a 30-minute Google video call to discuss what aspects of the aesthetic you are most drawn to and clothing constraints your lifestyle creates. I will then curate a list of recommendations of types of items, outfit formulas, and styling details that you can refer to when shopping or putting together outfits. This does not include specific shopping recommendations i.e. shoppable links, but rather item descriptions like “open-knit pullover sweater with distressing in cool toned colors”

For an example of the “translating a styleboard” concept, see Translating Inspirational Styleboards to Realistic Wardrobes: Victorian Tea Party, But Make it Athleisure

Personal shopping

Got a pretty good idea of the types of things you want to buy, but need someone to do the browsing to find available items for you? I can provide a list of specific items purchasable online based on your budget, size, and new/secondhand preference for one or more items.

This is intended for a situation like “I would love to own a pair of earth toned linen trousers, a pair of lace-up leather boots, and a few cable-knit sweaters” or “I would like to build a 12-piece capsule wardrobe in this style” vs “I need help finding this exact rare item.” Please email me with your timeline and potential shopping list to work out a quote.

💭 Have something else in mind?

If none of those seems quite like what you need, but you think I’d be able to help you work towards your style goals in a different way, feel free reach out to me with a description of what you want to work on!