Styling Services

Currently available a la carte styling services that can be purchased through my BuyMeACoffee page.

I am not currently offering 1-1 virtual personal style coaching, but if you have a quick question or a suggestion for a topic to cover on the blog, feel free to email me at mgetsdressed at gmail dot com, or reach out via Instagram DM.

Style Board Analysis

$75 – Do you have a large Pinterest board, slide deck, or folder of fashion inspiration photos and outfits you’d love to wear, that you’re not quite sure what ties it all together? I can distill the key concepts in the board into concrete terms that you can refer to when shopping or putting together outfits.

For examples of the types of information I’d include in a breakdown, see Personal Style Analysis No. 1 and Style Analysis No. 2. While I can distill subcategories in a slightly eclectic board, please note that if your board spans many aesthetics, the multi-session wardrobe overhaul package is probably a better fit for you. This service is intended for people with boards that already have a curated style in mind, but who are not quite sure how to turn the pictures into search terms.

Within 1 week of providing your board and answering a short questionnaire, you will receive a write-up with a high level description, fabrics, colors, outfit formulas, styling details, and any subcategories in your style board. This package does not include specific shopping recommendations i.e. shoppable links, but rather item descriptions like “slouchy/boyfriend blazer in muted color, traditional patterns like houndstooth or herringbone.”

Outfit Feedback

$45 for up to 4 outfits – You send me photos of up to four outfits and what you need help brainstorming or troubleshooting, and I’ll write up a breakdown of the various elements of the outfits and how I think they contribute to the overall look/effect, and provide suggestions to tweak them towards the look you’re after.

Here are some sample requests:

  • Here are some of my everyday sorts of outfits that I like overall. What can I do to make them feel more playful and less stodgy/boring?
  • What can I try out to make these outfits feel more mature but without going the sexy route?
  • Something feels off about the color combinations in these outfits. What other color combos might look more intentional without going full matchy-matchy?
  • I have tried to incorporate some accessories to look more interesting in the vein of <pinterest board>, but they feel off. I think they might need more structure? How can I make the outfits look more like that style?

You can optionally provide these for more context

  • A link to a pinterest board, collage, or particular Instagram account(s) representative of the aesthetic(s) you aim to channel
  • If asking for feedback on non regular outfits, outfit photos of clothes you typically wear (these won’t count towards the 4 outfits)

More tips for taking photos, although no need to do any fancy posing for these: How to take better mirror selfies for outfit photos