Free Personalized Style Analysis

This form is currently closed! It’s going to take a while for me to work through the existing ones 🐌

Are you tired of style quizzes that purport that there are only five different types of aesthetics or just give you useless labels like “romantic chic” or “classic”? Do you have a Pinterest board of your dream style? Are you struggling to pin down concrete elements of it so that you can actually start shopping for things?

I enjoy doing style board breakdowns, so if you want some help figuring out the key elements of your collection of fashion inspiration images, I’d love to help. While I believe that anyone can learn to go from an inspiration style board to wearable outfits, I recognize that it can take a longer time to develop an eye for this sort of thing and it can be helpful to have someone point you in the right direction.

If you haven’t consulted any resources for this at all or tried it yourself yet, I highly encourage that you take some time to do so as it’s a very achievable skill to learn. I have a list of helpful books and websites over on the Style Resources page.

If you would like me to do a breakdown of your board, please fill out this google form. I will email you if I’m starting on your style analysis and if I have any follow-up questions. Please note that as of July 09, 2020 there are about a dozen of these queued up, so it will take a while to get to new submissions even if I can work through two or three a week.

I will let you know if I feel that I am unable to do a good style breakdown of it, e.g. if I feel the board is too eclectic and doesn’t have any clear core pieces. If your board is all over the place to start with, I’d recommend using the sections feature of Pinterest to sort the pins into more identifiable categories. Remember that you don’t need to have just one style in your closet! It’s fine to appreciate and wear different styles, and you don’t have to cram them all together daily into a cohesive outfit. You might find that identifying categories will be helpful enough that at that point you don’t need my help to identify specific elements!

I’m happy to do this for no charge, but I would like to be able to post the breakdown on the blog. If you’re not comfortable with having a link to your Pinterest shared here, I am happy to write up the blog post with a screenshot of your board with the account info cropped out.

Note that the style analysis will not provide you with a list of shoppable links for exactly what to buy. You will get a description of core clothing and accessories, styling suggestions, and details to look for that you can then use to search for particular items that are accessible to you and suit your budget and sizing.


You can see all posts from this series here.

More from the blog

You can see more examples of style board breakdown blog posts here, for Pinterest boards that I created just for kicks. Many of these are on the more dramatic side because I find that more fun, but I’m also interested in doing these for more everyday sorts of styles to start with. The Greatest Hits of these are

A quick example from reddit

Here is an example of a quicker breakdown I did from the Daily Questions thread on the femalefashionadvice subreddit. I will be more detailed with item suggestions and pointing out which of the images in the board I got the elements from for any submissions here. I try not to invest loads of time into individual responses for reddit because sometimes the OP doesn’t respond and I don’t want it to become a huge time sink.

Original comment thread

How would you describe the vibe and style of this board?

I’m trying to find more inspo & pieces to match but I’m struggling with what terms to use in regards to the style

(I prefer mid-heavyweight fabrics, some structure and autumnal colours if that is required/helps at all:) )

sample pinterest board

My response:

  • Polished – most outfits have smarter items like trousers or button downs as basics instead of jeans/tees, there’s no distressing on anything or styles that are super rustic
  • overall feminine vibe with relaxed-fit menswear influences (Audrey Hepburn sort of thing like in this old hollywood starlet off-duty inspo album from a while back)
  • trendy-vintage-inspired, i.e. not so much streetwear or sporty-futuristic fabrics and cuts, but a selection of generally currently trendy throwback things like the high-waisted wide leg trousers, 90s slip dresses/skirts.

Key pieces based on the board I’d put as

  • turtleneck
  • relaxed-fit fine-knit sweater
  • linen button-down shirt
  • high-waisted tapered trousers
  • high-waisted wide-leg cropped trousers
  • midi length satin slip skirt or dress
  • simple feminine accessories (e.g. hair ribbons or barrettes, earrings)
  • relatively minimal style leather shoes (something on the simpler end, like loafers or sandals/slides)
  • Plus simple makeup and “I have a working relationship with a stylist” hair , though in styles that don’t seem too “done” if that makes sense

The reply:

Thankyou for the detailed response!!! This is very helpful thankyou, I appreciate the breakdown on what’s prevalent so I know what to look for!!:)

More questions?

If after reading this page, you still have a question about submitting or what to expect, please leave a comment below.

Do you need to have this level of detail mapped out for your own outfits? Definitely not! Sitting down and defining your current style preferences can be a useful tool to make putting together outfits easier, or just an interesting thought exercise, but it is by no means necessary for just getting dressed, or even enjoying fashion at all.

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