Personalized style advice

I love seeing different styles that people are into, and it makes me happy to help people figure out how they can be happier with their wardrobes, whether it’s through giving a few styling suggestions for a specific shoe over Instagram comments, or doing a full blown style analysis.

BUT I also firmly believe that everyone has it in them to DIY their own wardrobe refresh if they can put in the time. It’s just clothes, not brokering world peace! My approach is based on the program outlined in Anuschka Rees’ book The Curated Closet. If you have not checked that book out yet, I highly recommend giving it a read through. You can get it on Amazon and the other resource listed here for about $25.00 new, or your library may even have a copy.

Advice I give will largely be going through the same prompts that you would find in that book. If you are just starting a wardrobe refresh, I would highly recommend reading through it and doing the exercises before plonking down even more of your hard earned cash for a stylist. If you don’t want to buy the whole book quite yet, you can get an idea of the content from the author’s blog archive.

I can’t give you a magic answer of 12 things to buy tomorrow that will transform you into your vision of peak style overnight. Everyone has their own preferences, and learning what you love is a part of the process that only you can do.

But if you’re familiar with the methodical approach to curating your personal style and just feel overwhelmed, I’d love to work with you!

You can reach me at

Instagram: @mgetsdressed
Email: mgetsdressed at gmail dot com

Multi-session coaching packages

I’m happy to give my opinions on outfits and items, but it’s a process to find your personal style, which means that sessions are more of a set-up and follow-up meetings where we figure out what works for you, rather than me doing one interview with you and then telling you exactly what to buy and wear in each subsequent meeting.

I want to give you the tools and confidence to continue evolving your wardrobe on your own down the line, since style is a very personal thing that changes through the years with our lifestyles and evolving aesthetic preferences.

Pricing: 4 sessions for $250, with each additional session at $60. Each session is a 1-hour Google Meet video call, meeting every 2-4 weeks depending on your schedule and how much you want to cover between sessions. Please email me at mgetsdressed at gmail dot com to schedule a free, no pressure consultation! Payment will be up front for the first four sessions and on a monthly basis after that. I’ll be available via Instagram or email between sessions for quick questions!

There are two tracks you can follow:

Wardrobe overhaul

Finding your personal style and getting your closet to match isn’t something that happens overnight. I’ll provide guidance throughout the process, including things like

  • Coming up with wardrobe goals and long term plan
  • Creating a style inspiration board (or more than one, if that suits your lifestyle and style preferences better!)
    • I will help you create and refine a style board, but I can’t tell you what you do or don’t like, and you will be the one driving the photo collection
  • Breaking down the elements in the style boards and creating outfit formulas
  • Shopping list planning and prioritization
  • Closet clean-out advice and moral support

Depending on what you need help with, we don’t need to cover everything in the list above. Topics covered in each session will be mapped out during a consultation call.

Learn to be your own personal stylist

Working with your current wardrobe, we’ll walk through how you can get in the habit of mindfully styling your daily outfits so that you can get them to look how you want. We don’t all have to go all out and serve looks any time we step out, but we can all become fluent enough in the language of fashion to take any given outfit from “oof, I kind of hate that” to “hey, I’m pretty into this.” Even if you can’t build the perfect outfit at that very moment, you can build the ability to identify concrete things you’d want to change and feel in charge of your sartorial destiny instead of wondering why you vaguely dislike your outfit for the rest of the day.

In this series of meetings, we’ll go over topics like

  • Creating goals and mission statements for your outfits, and strategies to work toward them
  • Setting up a workflow for you to get in the habit of tracking and reviewing your outfits (you don’t have to do this for the rest of your life, but while you’re figuring things out, having references for your outfits is essential).
  • Practicing describing and comparing versions of outfits
  • Identifying patterns in your outfits and wardrobe

Have something else in mind?

If neither of those seems quite like what you need, but you think I’d be able to help you work towards your style goals in a different way, feel free reach out to me with a description of what you want to work on!