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In addition to wardrobe tracking, my top reading recommendations for those interested in thoughtfully curating their wardrobe and learning how to put together outfits are:

Anuschka Reesโ€™ The Curated Closet

If you want to refine your personal style and curate a wardrobe that reflects it and is appropriate for your lifestyle, I HIGHLY recommend this book. A lot of the content is available for free on the authorโ€™s website in the form of various blog posts as well.ย  The approach I take in my own blog is largely based off of the one in this book.

Style Blogger Index

Want to find other bloggers (anyone who posts OOTDs on Instagram or a blog, not just professional influencers) in your size? Check out the Style Blogger Index, run by and find fabulous outfits on people of all shapes and sizes.

For more recs, check out the Resources page.

Translating inspirational style boards to realistic wardrobes

My specialty! If you’ve got a lot of fantasy / haute couture / generally-not-practical-for-you fashion images on your dream style Pinterest board and are stuck on how to translate that into clothes you’ll actually wear, I’ve got lots of examples of working through this on the blog here.

The best ones, if I do say so:

๐Ÿ“ซ Shop “My” Closet

If you are interested in finding similar items to what I wear, I periodically update my shares page on Poshmark with specific items in various sizes that are the same or very similar to what I have. I’m @mgetsdressed on there too, and while I have been listing things for sale, I wouldn’t say most of the stuff on there is very similar to the styles I tend to wear most now.

I’m not in any affiliate program with Poshmark and I don’t get any benefit if you buy something from my share page if it’s not my personal listing. I’ve just found that the easiest way to curate a “shop my closet” resource (plus, it’s all secondhand ๐Ÿ‘). Once you see a specific item, I encourage you to look around on eBay, Depop, ThredUp, etcย  to find the best size/colorway/price.

My closet is also viewable virtually on Airtable if there’s an item you don’t see on Poshmark (you can filter by ‘subcategory’ to only see skirts, long sleeve shirts, sandals, etc). But I mostly don’t include direct links for any of the pieces in there and the cards don’t have every detail filled out.