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What I wore, bought, and purged + reviews on items I bought in the same month of the previous year.

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Articles, blog posts, videos, and books. Usually fashion-related.

🎲 Theme WAYWT

This is an outfit sharing thread (“What Are You Wearing Today”) every Saturday on (for theme WAYWT, r/malefashionadvice also participates).

I post the themes every week, but anyone is welcome to make a suggestion! If you post outfit pics on Instagram you can follow along / participate with the hashtag #ThemeWAYWT (Not doing a separate tag for each theme, because who wants to keep track of that?)

You can find the most recent posts on my profile’s submitted page.

If you’d like to just see the themes for trying them on your own time, you can find the list in this google spreadsheet.

If you decide to participate in the reddit thread for the first time, please check that your submission follows the posting rules. i.e. You may include a link to your Instagram, but your outfit photos must be hosted on Imgur or the links must be direct image links (go to a jpg or png file).