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Shoes and Accessories ๐Ÿ‘ž Shoes, hats, jewelry, pins, hair accessories, bags, etc.

Tops ๐Ÿ‘• Outerwear, pullover sweaters and sweatshirts, cardigans and button downs, tees and tanks, shirts and blouses.

Bottoms ๐Ÿ‘– Jeans and trousers, shorts, and skirts

Dresses, etc ๐Ÿ‘— Dresses, overalls and shortalls, loungewear, activewar, and underwear

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๐Ÿ‘€ Am I missing an item? Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to add it.

I also share items that are the same or similar to what I have, plus stuff I found that I like the style of on my Poshmark shares page (I don’t get any commission from Poshmark).

๐Ÿ› This page contains affiliate links. Clicks on those earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. No pressure to buy it new, but I figured if I was gonna make a shop my closet page anyway for the commonly requested items, it would be dumb to not put in affiliate links.


I’m 5’1″, with a 40″ bust, 31″ waist, and 41″ hips (give or take).

I’m most often a size US 10 in clothes and a 7.5 or 8 in women’s shoes.

Skip to the next section for general sizing within specific brands.

Most Asked!

The pieces people get most excited about! This is mostly a mix of Free People and secondhand finds.

Free People โ€œGet Obsessedโ€ mini dress โ€“ black and burnt orange (I think the stock name was โ€œautumn pearlโ€), S. This is the same as the โ€œIโ€™m Still Obsessedโ€ dress but with glorious 3/4 sleeves. It has the same cut in the body although it has a tendency on me (and probably anyone with a larger bust) to ride up in front so the waist seam has a high-low look from the side. The skirt is voluminous enough that it doesnโ€™t really seem to make the hem high-low though. Great for imagining youโ€™re a dramatic ballet peasant frolicking through a forest. Like many FP items, itโ€™s been in and out of stock over the last couple of months in various colors.

Free People “Oasis” midi dress โ€“ Springdust, S. Another great running-dramatically-through-a-field dress. It does have pockets, but the material is thin so if you put anything heavier into them it’ll affect the silhouette. The bodice tie ends in tiny jingle bells, which depending on you could either be the most charming or the most annoying thing ever. Super comfortable and I either wear this with a balconette bra with the straps just down in the sleeves, or without a bra as the ruched section is pretty thick. ๐ŸŒป There is a very similar pale blue tencel smocked dress available in sizes 14-28 from Eloquii ๐ŸŒผ There is also a budget amazon dupe. From the reviews and photos, the main differences sound like the dupe runs longer, wrinkles more easily, does not have the side slit, has the skirt seam in the front, has larger scale smocking, no pockets, the skirt looks slightly less full, the lining layer does not come down as far, and there doesn’t seem to be any source on the specific fabric composition aside from ‘cotton blend’. However it runs around $32 instead of $118.

MIA “Madeline” t-strap clog, 8M โ€“ Nordstrom also carries similar styles from the same brand. I find these quite comfortable to stand in, but due to the nature of the high platform, not something I’d wear if I thought I was going to need to run or climb tons of stairs. Great to add a 70s flair or height without a glam vibe to an outfit.

Katha Diddel vintage needlepoint frog purse via eBay โ€“ Can’t look at this bag and not smile! ๐Ÿธ

Handmade patchwork cardigan โ€“ I got this on Poshmark, but from some research it seems like this was from a pattern, as I’ve seen other ones but with different buttons, or their own ‘handmade by ___’ tags on resale. Possibly my favorite item in my whole wardrobe. Poshmark search for similar cardigans (filtered to Vintage and Hand Crafted categories)

Free People “I’m Still Obsessed” mini dress โ€“ black and petrichor (reddish brown, in first photo), S. This is a super comfortable gauzy textured stretch cotton and has hip pockets. Not full coverage for a bra as it has deep arm holes and back keyhole closure. Great for layering or with a coordinating bralette underneath. At least over the last couple of months, it seems this goes in an out of stock in the different colors, so check back! If you want to search for a similar style of dress, I’d look for “sleeveless smock dress”. NotPerfectLinen on Etsy makes styles like this midi dress with a similar vibe and you can work with them to customize it to your measurements.

Free People Ziggy Railroad Overalls, L in Olive Sparrow (I also have the same ones in plain black denim) โ€“ Unlike the stretchy/knit items at FP, this runs more true to size. The fabric looks the same on the inside so it’s easy to cuff if you’re shorter. The front side pockets are probably not deep enough for most modern smartphones, but I can at least comfortably rest my hands in them. I like that this almost looks like corduroy, but the fabric is more amenable to spring/summer weather. These are sturdier feeling than the Aerie denim shortalls, but they don’t feel like they’re gonna last into becoming a multigenerational vintage piece. But I personally like their balance between comfort and thickness.

Dr Martenโ€™s Leona Platform Heel Combat Boot โ€“ ladiesโ€™ 7. I found these to be much more comfortable than 1460s and did not require a break-in period, but I usually find shoes with 0.5-1โ€ณ heels more comfortable than totally flat ones. These are CHUNKY, so if you arenโ€™t used to wearing heavy boots theyโ€™ll probably feel weird at first. Great balance of comfort and edgy style. I have this in black and โ€œboneโ€, the latter of which is a discontinued color.

Intentionally Blank “West” Leather Bootie โ€“ Cloud, 8M. These have a really fun Western Victorian vibe and works easily with jeans or dressy looks. The leather is gorgeous and soft and is more of a dress boot texture than a utilitarian boot texture.

Out of Print brand “Frog and Toad are Friends” unisex ringer t-shirt, M โ€“ I have honestly never purchased anything from a targeted ad so quickly as this. A softer tee style than I normally go for, but I like the ringer tee contrast edges. The print is good and not pixelated, but I wish they offered this in a more sturdy fabric.


Brands/stores I generally shop at, and some sizing and quality/style notes. Also nothing against Target and Old Navy, I have plenty of pieces from there, I just reference them as most people are familiar with their items.

This section is meant as a reference for sizing and pros/cons. Just because it would work for me to buy my entire wardrobe from Free People doesn’t meant that makes sense for everyone.

  • Aerie (shop through this link and get 20% off) โ€“ loungewear, casual wear, sports bras, bralettes, underwear.
    • I’m usually a M for their bralettes and tops and a L for bottoms or one-piece items.
    • Quality here is hit or miss (usually better on their core items like the sunnie bralette) but on average probably a tiny bit above Target brand clothing IMO.
    • They run sales frequently so I would wait for those, although if you really have your heart set on something I do find that their popular items/colors will sell out.
  • Anthropologie โ€“ accessories, dressier pieces.
    • Sizing is all over. I am usually hesitant to purchase online if there aren’t any reviews yet.
    • In general the quality of their fabrics and finishings are pretty solid, but I would recommend shopping here for items that are more unique to their brand, like embellished pieces, fancy fabrics, or styles that look better with more fabric in gathers/ruffles which can look a bit sad or obviously-knockoff-y if you buy them from a budget label. There are a lot of pieces on resale sites that are in great condition.
    • For minimal/basic style items like basic tees you can probably find a better deal elsewhere or buy something similar from a brand that has a better effort on sustainability and/or ethical production.
    • If you’re looking for pieces secondhand, don’t forget to search for their house brands like Maeve, Pilcro, or Sleeping on Snow.
  • Athleta โ€“ activewear and loungewear.
    • I’m usually a M here. I find their leggings often gap a bit at the waist if they are comfortable at the hips. For sports bras that are not band sized, I take the M in their D/DD sizing.
    • It’s on the pricier side (I’d expect to spend something around $40-90 per item for leggings or tops), but I have generally been very happy with how my Athleta items have held up. Their designs usually feel like they sincerely considered usability and weren’t just cranking stuff out.
  • Baggu โ€“ low-waste manufacturing bags and pouches in cheery prints. I’ve been using their “standard baggu” totes frequently for errands and they are holding up well and wash easily.
  • Etah Love โ€“ sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry with a spooky spirit.
  • Free People โ€“ dresses, casual wear, loungewear.
    • FP tends to run large on stretchy or oversized-style items. I usually get their dresses in a S and more structured or non-stretch items that are not an oversized design in M/L or L.
    • I feel like I can still usually assume that the fabrics they use will be of nicer than average quality for mall brands (mesh stretch “lace” more dancewear quality that doesn’t run, woven lightweight fabrics are usually cotton and not smellfest polyester crepe/chiffon or shrinky-dink poor quality viscose).
    • The items feel like they were designed from scratch rather than are standard items that just had a bit of embellishment stuck on, so I have increasingly shopped here for “basics” like base layers as they are more stylized. Of course they’re also good at over the top ren faire / boho rocker / beachy styles as well.
    • Usually holds up well in secondhand, although due to the trickiness of guessing your size even with measurements for oversized-design pieces, I would recommend buying from shops that accept returns until you’re more familiar with how their styles work on you.
  • Madewell โ€“ denim (specifically, their curvy line), bags, accessories.
    • Sizing is all over. Godspeed. (If you can try on in store I’d recommend that if possible)
    • Especially on sale, I would say the quality difference is worth the upgrade from say, Old Navy jeans. It’s not super consistent but generally I feel their denim is sturdier and/or finer (as in, it’s less chunky/rough for non-stretch, if that makes sense) than Target/Old Navy tier denim and often have a bit more shaping to their design and generally better finishing.
    • I’d still scope out reviews of bags (check for blog posts outside their site as well), but if you’re looking for a selection of “starter pack minimal style leather bags for adults”, their Transport bags in the solid color leather are a good place to start.
  • NBGlovesAndMittens (Etsy) โ€“ A splurge, but jaw-droppingly goregeous embroidered handmade knitwear.
  • Nordstrom โ€“ for shoes and underwire bras, mostly. Their lingerie department reps have always been helpful and nice in my experience. If you’ve never had a bra sizing done, I would recommend getting it done in one of their stores.
  • Patagonia โ€“ there’s no fleece like a Patagonia fleece. I usually get a women’s M here. There are LOADS of synchilla fleece on eBay at a generous discount, so I would start there. Note these aren’t going to be windproof, they’re meant to be worn under a shell jacket for wind.
  • Target โ€“ denim, accessories. I typically stick to the Universal Thread, A New Day, and Wild Fable lines.
    • I mean, it’s Target. You probably know your sizes there already. I find they’ve been running TTS more recently but I usually start with a size M in their letter sized pieces and 10 in numerical.
    • I wouldn’t recommend getting stuff that’s heavily embellished or that seems like it’s a dupe of pieces that should be more extravagant e.g. have loads or pleats, gathers, or ruffles. You can almost certainly find something better value for similar or not too much more in resale.
  • Unique Vintage โ€“ kitschy vintage inspired styles and holiday clothing.
    • In my experience, their quality is generally nothing to write home about and they tend to use more budget friendly fabrics. You’d be buying from here because you’re smitten with a particular seasonal or kitschy print and not for lovely luxurious feeling vintage repro.
    • I’m usually a L here, but I always check the model’s sizing for every item before purchasing.
  • Woods of Wonder (Etsy) โ€“ the cutest whimsical woodland creature clay pendant necklaces. If you know someone who likes cottagecore and necklaces, this would be a great gift, as the boxes and packing is usually adorable (and low plastic) as well.

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