I’m 20-something software engineer based in the East SF Bay Area doing the outfit diary thing for fun. You can see all my daily outfit posts on Instagram @mgetsdressed, where I also include thoughts on my process for styling each outfit. This is partly to clarify my thoughts, partly as outfit reference for later, and partly to share with anyone interested the different things you can play around with to get your outfit how you want. With fashion as a creative outlet, there is no wrong answer, but it helps to understand your tools πŸ› . On the blog, I dive deeper into wardrobe curation and exploring styling options particular items or aesthetics.

🌻 Thanks for stopping by!

What’s the referral links situation here?

πŸ“Š Airtable

The only referral links currently on the site are for Airtable, and I always also provide non-referral links. They don’t pay me additionally to talk about them. I discuss it as software that has been helpful for me, but depending on what you are looking to get out of wardrobe tracking, it may not necessarily be the best option for you. To learn more about Airtable, see Wardrobe Tracking.

πŸ› Clothing

Prior to March 2021, there were no affiliate links. In March 2021, I decided I was being dumb since I frequently bothered to link in items anyway for reference for readers’ convenience, so I might as well not pass up FREE MONEY. Posts may now contain affiliate links which will give me a small commission, and this will always be disclosed in the individual post.

If you are interested in finding similar items to what I wear, check out the Shop My Closet page and my shares page on Poshmark where I share items in various sizes that are the same or very similar to what I have. I’m not in any affiliate program with Poshmark and I don’t get any benefit if you buy something from my share page.

For any specific item, I encourage you to look around on eBay, depop, thredUP, Facebook Marketplace, and other sources to find the best size/colorway/price.

πŸ’Œ How can I contact you?

You can reach me through Instagram DM @mgetsdressed, or at mgetsdressed at gmail dot com.

πŸ“ What are your measurements?

For sizing reference, I am 5’1″ with 38″ bust – 29″ waist – 39″ hips. quarantine update: approximately 40″ bust – 35″ waist – 42″ hips. My most common size is US 10.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Can I hire you to give me style advice?

If you have a quick question I’m happy to talk through a quick Instagram DM (no cost, I’m not popular enough to be totally swamped with DMs and I love talking style)! But if you want me to do a full personalized style analysis, check out the options and pricing here.

πŸ“ How would you describe your style?

When I first started out on a wardrobe overhaul, I found it really helpful to have a sort of style north star by curating my closet and outfits to generally fit into one or two aesthetics.

At this point, I’m more in the roll-with-it mode when it comes to my day to day aesthetic. I like every item in my closet, and I’ve spent so long really concentrating on styling things that I have a solid idea on how the pieces work together, so I don’t need to constantly reference back to one style framework to keep myself focused.

mgetsdressed starter pack
The realistic mgetsdressed starter pack, 2020 Q1 (which quickly became unrepresentative as I’ve transitioned into wearing mostly frilly house dresses, or stretch jeans with a cute top and a statement hair accessory since I’m working from home now)

However, I still really enjoy making Pinterest boards, and for any given outfit, I find it easier and more satisfying to put it together when I have a specific vibe in mind, even if it’s different from one day to the next or incorporated to a lesser degree.

Here are some of the style concepts that I reference the most.

🐌 “Crunchy Casual”

I’d sum the style up as utilitarian and playful with hints of punk and hippie. In internet-speak: “somewhere between art hoe and gorp-core”, or possibly even just “whatever was at Urban Outfitters.”

I have a blog post that goes into a more in-depth breakdown of what this means to me.

[ Pinterest board ]

crunchy casual board screenshot

✨ “Storybook”

Romantic and earthy-but-not-hippie. Somewhere at the nexus of cottagecore/mori and vintage academia aesthetics, with a touch of fairytale/fantasy. I started the board in Fall 2018, though it was pretty strongly influenced by the particular flavor of polyvore/tumblr nature-twee seen in the “Polyvore Throwbacks” subsection.

[ Pinterest board ]

[ Full blog post ]

storybook style board screenshot

I personally enjoy the exercise of distilling a style, and I find that having a framework to work with makes it easier to come up with outfits on a day to day basis.

Do you need to have this level of detail mapped out for your own outfits in order to just wear clothes? Definitely not! Sitting down and defining your current style preferences can be a useful tool or just an interesting exercise, but it is by no means necessary to just get dressed.

Although to be honest, I often think about giving up on elaborate style personas and just dying my hair an unnatural style, getting more ear piercings, and exclusively wearing vintage ugly sweaters and t-shirts with jeans and Doc Martens.

πŸ”Ž A Framework for Depth

One sort of design philosophy I like to revisit is this “what makes a place magical” checklist written by James Talbot for the development of the Casa Neverlandia art house (via u/weph on reddit).

While some of it is clearly specific to environment design, I think a lot of it is also applicable to how to style a slightly whimsical outfit with depth or curating a wardrobe that makes it easier to do that. Lots of good food for thought around how you can build a visually enriched look.


I also like to use the general visual design concept of incorporating small, medium, and large pieces throughout the outfit. Mark Kennedy (a lead animator at Disney) did a great write-up of this on his blog here: http://sevencamels.blogspot.com/2006/08/dd4-small-medium-and-large.html

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