I’m 20-something software engineer based in the East SF Bay Area doing the outfit diary thing for fun. You can see all my #ootd posts on Instagram @m.gets.dressed, where I also include thoughts on my process for styling each outfit.

Items I’ve worn in the past 30 days are listed in a gallery over at the My Style page, along with links to my current style inspiration Pinterest board.

I’m really into structure and organization generally, so I’ve made an Airtable base to keep track of my wardobe inventory and log my outfits. You can view it as well as get the templates to start your own Airtable base over in the Wardrobe Tracking page. I also have some sample wardrobe tracking spreadsheets there.

I love learning about how other people curate their closets, so I decided to share my process. I also find that writing things down helps me clarify my thoughts and is a good reference for later, especially w.r.t. how my closet changes over time. Hopefully you find some of it helpful or interesting!


You can contact me through Instagram or at mgetsdressed at gmail dot com.