Moodboard Breakdown Vol. 01 🌸 Analyzing two pastel Pinterest spring style boards!

Join me as I talk through what specific fashion elements create the respective aesthetics of two of my recently curated Pinterest moodboards! Both feature springy, feminine color palettes and sheer fabrics, but what other details, fabrics, styling, etc differentiate their styles?

Pinterest links:

My process, more or less:

I find it helpful to go top-down. Ask “What vibes do you get from the board?” Just high level descriptions, things that can be more subjective, like “playful” or “powerful”. Then go into each one of those and look at what common concrete, objective elements of the clothing creates those moods.

Quick Notes

Both boards: feminine, stylized, extra

  • Feminine –  elements like ruffles and puffy sleeves, tulle/mesh fabrics
  • Stylized – Cooler toned pastel/bright colors. Not organic (brownish) or muted (grayish) colors.
  • Extra – I mean, princess dresses and ballet costumes, and stuff you’d wear to that concert in Zenon Girl of the 21st Century.

But they’re still different! One has more of a dreamlike vibe, and the other is punchy.

Pastel Dream

dreamlike (soft)

  • Soft and drapey silhouettes. Not many crisp edges. Garments are more flowy and the makeup is more diffuse and matte or satin finish.
  • Softer side of pastel brights. Any neutrals mixed in are probably cream. Heavy on the greens. 
  • Single garment carrying outfits, not much focus on layering. This gives a sense of simplicity and ease, vs elaborate outfits
  • Leans towards earthy fabrics than sporty, tulle is relatively diaphanous and drapey. Sheer like a cobweb or stream not like a tinted window. More of an undone feeling, like you’re going to run through a meadow or laze around than go to a ball.

Some brands/designers that do this sort of aesthetic:


energetic (sharp)

  • Sharp silhouettes, more structured elements like collars, plackets, shirtcuffs, geometric design elements. Makeup is more solid/hard edges and is matte or metallic but not in between
  • More on the bright side of pastel brights, and has some pops of neon yellow and hot pink. Neutrals mixed in would be black or crisp white
  • Fabrics have more of a synthetic/sporty/futuristic feel. Shiny, crisp, sheers are clean cut. High precision.
  • Most styled with the sheer as a layer rather than its own thing.

I feel like you’d see items that fit here from general-purpose-trendy brands like Topshop or the Wild Fable line at Target if you searched for particular elements, but if anyone knows brands that do primarily this sleek, bright pastel but modern aesthetic, let me know in the comments!


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