Style Notes: Graphic t-shirt outfits ft. “Frog and Toad are Friends” ringer tee

Happy Spring, everyone! The next few posts will be more in the traditional fashion blogger style where I’ll share a couple of outfits, though of course in typical #OOTDinDepth style, accompanied by a nontrivial caption.

I’m recovering from a concussion (thankfully mild, as mild as you can call any brain injury – I just gotta say, y’all, get a mat or flat platform thing for your tub if it’s a rounder old style) so I wanted to ease back into using full screen devices with posts that I could type up in a shorter amount of time without sourcing dozens of photos. I expect I’ll mostly just rotate through all my stretchy dresses this week and next, so I need to share more interesting outfits somehow! Hope you enjoy this detour from the more thesis-like posts, and let me know if there are any other items you want me to do “1 item styled N ways” posts for.


To use blogger parlance, I am absolutely obsessed with this Frog and Toad ringer tee from Out of Print. I loved reading the Frog and Toad books back in first grade, and when I reread them last year, I think they actually hit harder as an adult. If you’ve just been hit by a wave of nostalgia, I really recommend giving them a reread! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and feel extremely called-out.

I’m normally hypercritical of anything new I see in Instagram ads, but when I saw one for Out of Print’s Frog and Toad collection, I went and bought the t-shirt SO FAST. This is the first thing I’ve purchased from Out of Print, but I’ve generally heard them to be reputable and they’ve been around for a while, and there’s not too much risk in fit issues for a t-shirt. (Tip: they seem to have 10-15% off sales fairly regularly, as they had one running when I purchased in mid-April and at least another one since then, so if you can wait a bit you can save a few bucks)

I went for a size medium in the unisex cut to make sure it wouldn’t be too tight, since the t-shirt is the soft, thin style that I expected could get kind of lumpy looking over a bra or show sweat stains easily if it was on the tighter side. It’s a very very pale yellow tee with a dark burgundy/cranberry trim at the collar and sleeves. The graphic itself has nice vibrant earth tones and is printed clearly.

Due to the type of fabric I expect this to pill quite a bit and be relegated to sleepwear faster than a stiffer tee. If possible, I go for thicker cotton t-shirts even if they’re a bit stiff because they hold up better, but they didn’t have any in the Frog and Toad print.

Some thoughts on the item as related to styling:

  • Thin and unstructured, good for layering under stuff and tucks in easily (no worrying about where you’re going to stuff the extra 8 inches of fabric)
  • Contrast edges make it basically self-accessorizing (less of a need to add a scarf or layer in a higher contrast color to complement it if off-white isn’t your complexion’s best color). Similar thing to colorblocking you get on raglan tees, which I think you could style in a very similar way.
  • I always feel that ringer tees lend themselves to a casual 70s/80s vibe
  • Fairly saturated earth tones so could work with other brights
  • Whimsical! It’s not a harsh or sophisticated graphic, so it’ll work well in softer aesthetics vs, say, a rock band tee

Primary colors

Starting off with my favorite outfit of the bunch! Kind of an artist persona / working creative sort of vibe to me. Or maybe just “granola mom” ☮️? The top and bottom are both a bit oversized and slouchy, but there’s structure from collar and trouser’s pleats and cuffs. To balance out the looser main silhouette, I opted for a relatively fitted sock/shoe combo and tied back my hair. It’s a fairly androgynous styling, so I added a bow scrunchie for a slight feminine accent although it didn’t show up much in the photo.

I love the primary colors + green palette! The red is a pretty muted redwood/burgundy and the yellow is more of an accent, and combine with the fact that the blue comes from chambray shirt which is more of a traditionally neutral blue item like blue jeans, it feels more like an incidental/casual red/blue/yellow/green rather than hitting you on the head with it 💀.


  • vintage Jurassic park patch chambray shirt, vintage via eBay
  • BDG “drew” poplin trousers
  • Birkenstock Arizonas (affiliate link)

Classic clogs

This is my “casual but flavor it 1970s” combo with wider pants and platform clogs. I think this would be pretty great with a sweet pair of flares too, but I don’t own any at the moment. Since these jeans are full length, they can feel a bit tomboyish when paired with more unisex shoes, so I like pairing them with chunky-heeled clogs and boots to both add a girly touch and reduce the fraction of the silhouette that the pants take up (since they’re both high-waisted and full length).


Most of the time I like to go for a more feminine look, but some days I do like a simple slouchy outfit. I skipped the belt here because with the unembellished pants and crisp sneakers, it felt like too much of the visual weight was in the torso area. Added a corduroy tote with little mushrooms embroidered on it for that cottagecore 70s vibe which was fun even though the red slightly clashed with the burgundy trim.


  • Converse Chuck Taylor 70s (affiliate link) these have slightly more support than standard chucks
  • Urban Outfitters embroidered corduroy tote

Earth tones

Earth tones all the way with forest green corduroy a-line miniskirt. The preppy/academia touch from the structured bag and derby shoes makes it feel slightly less youthful. While the yellow socks don’t pop very well against my skin tone, I really liked the extra coordination they add here and in the primary colors look.

This outfit is a lie because I can’t actually zip this skirt up all the way at my current size, but this post is a styling exercise and not a documentation of my worn outfits (although all of them I would wear if the weather/occasion/sizing worked!)


  • Maeve (Anthropologie) ribbed velvet mini skirt
  • Trotters “Lizzie” derby flats (affiliate link) – these run narrow, get a size wider than you normally would
  • Vintage Coach “Willis” bag via eBay

Picnic day

I love this one because it feels the most “in-universe” of all the outfits. I can picture myself having a summer outing with Frog and Toad in this. I like the more old timey feel of relaxed fit denim shorts (plus they’re breezier when it’s actually hot out) and that they have almost a skirt/skort silhouette. I love pairing these with my straw hat, and recently I’ve discovered that I like styling my hair in braids for that to add a slightly whimsical vibe (and again, also great for when it’s actually hot).


And that’s all for now! I’m sure I’ll come up with more variations, but I didn’t want this post to get too long as I’ve been typing it up in 15-20 minute increments over a few days 😩. This shirt has brought me so much joy in the short time that I’ve had it, and I’m excited to have it in rotation, even if most of the time I end up just wearing it with jeans 🐸

I love feedback! Feel free to leave a comment below on whether you found this post interesting or helpful, even if you don’t elaborate on it 🙂


  1. I don’t own any graphic tees but I always think they’re so fun when I see them and how to track one down! This one is very sweet…I love that it’s nostalgic for you. I’m loving that first outfit with the chambray shirt…great inspo for if I ever do get a graphic tee 🧡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the breakdown, especially the skirt outfit – it makes me feel better about the sheer amount of graphic tees I’ve picked up lately!


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