Style Analysis No. 2

We are restarting the styleboard analysis train! I did take the submission form down because I want to see myself actually working through them at a rate of at least one per week before opening the form again. Thanks for being patient as I get these out, especially this month which has been particularly busy for me even with the ongoing shutdowns.

Without further ado, here is the board as put up by caller no. 2:

General impression + description

My personal impression of this board’s style is “femme fatale off-duty.” It’s quite similar to the stereotypical “model off-duty” style*, except it’s more aggressively monochromatic and the fur, sensual photos, and witchy motifs in the flavor photos give the board a feline feel. A character wearing this style probably isn’t out to make the world a better place, but also isn’t out to cause a scene (again: cats). This, like many boards, I think is at least partially dependent on photography style and scenery (blown out monochromatic backgrounds) since the actual outfits are very minimalist. Still, there are plenty of concrete details that we can tease out to build up a wardrobe and hone its specific vision of minimalist aesthetic.

*Casual and unfussy but with an air of ‘finishing’ through manicures, salon sleek hair, and a general air of ‘I have a very involved skincare routine and my day job involves looking good’

Caller no. 2’s answer to “what do you like about this style?” (going to be referring to the people who submitted as caller no. X unless they submitted after I added the “what should I call you in the post” question to the form – but feel free to link directly to your Pinterest, Instagram, etc in the comments if this was you!)

“The dark, muted colours and the ease of the outfits. It seems kind of free and sensual, and dark both in colour and mood. I also like the simplicity of the outfits, there aren’t too many items. To me it seems calm, unfussy, and self-assured.”

Definitely agree with all of that! Also, it’s always cool to see a board that has a really clear sense of what it’s about (I had no feeling here that the board needed to be split into subsections for different styles).

Board breakdown

Reoccurring details

Colors and materials

  • Black, white, denim (no grays! Strictly black and white, and mostly black at that.)
  • Gold jewelry
  • Fur (coats, accessories)
  • It’s hard to see particular fabrics because it’s mostly black and the photography is pretty intensely edited, but looks like mostly jerseys and crepes? Everything is spotless and perfectly wrinkle-free.


These show up as flavor photos and a bit in jewellery, but I’m not actually seeing these in any outfit pins. If you want more of this literally (vs just having them for mood here), could add it through fine jewelry (e.g. sculpted or stamped rings, I think there’s at least one of those pinned already) or through tasteful black and white graphic tees and tote bags.

  • Bones
  • Cats, snakes, crows, witchy animals
  • Flavor texts: primal, dark

Specific pieces and elements

  • Spaghetti straps
  • Deep v-necks
  • Might-fall-off / might-sideboob tanks
  • Artsy cutouts
  • T-shirts and t-shirt dresses (varying cuts, but not cropped)
  • Button down shirts (more casual / fashion cuts than standard bizcaz cuts)
  • Skinny jeans
  • Drapey pants
  • Drapey materials
  • Unfussy shoes (plain black ankle boots, slides, sneakers)
  • Minimalist jewelry, slightly alt/indie/trendy styles (e.g. sofia zakia, mejuri, catbird) rather than anything 100% classic
  • Boxy minimalist overcoats


  • I like girls who are natural” makeup (well blended eye makeup in browns, no bright/dark lip color or blush)
  • Manicured nails (black/white/natural)
  • Long layered straight hair, if up then messy bun. For more variety, I can see anything in the @gentlehairdos instagram fitting in here. I’d say the uniting factor is the hair looks like it just happened by itself. It probably didn’t have much done to it that day, but the person managing the hair does go to a salon periodically to get it shaped and/or get highlights touched up.


  • Minimalist – no prints, not much texture, visual interest comes from interesting cutouts and draping and the pops of fur and jewelry
  • Sensual (a relaxed sort of sexy)
    • Tops and dresses tend to be revealing but loose or modestly cut if fitted
    • Oversized stuff giving a ‘hmmm could fall off any moment’ vibe (Theiss Titillation Theory on tvtropes)
    • Cutouts OR spaghetti straps. Not super strappy skinny ties everywhere style.
    • The amount of underwear and swimsuit pins is not proportional to irl outfit opportunities.  Good reminder for the strappy stuff + cutouts + plunge elements but if I were having difficulty implementing this board’s aesthetic I might make a separate board strictly for mood photos and one where I’d try to keep realistic outfits. Looking back, I would guess that a full half of the board doesn’t actually have images containing full everyday sort of outfits.
  • Casual but luxe – not a streetwear vibe, more of a too-cool-for-fashion-week vibe.
  • Easy – nothing that looks restrictive (no tight + stiff fabric), the shoes are pretty sensible. Hair that’s seen a stylist but that doesn’t require strictly keeping weekly appointments.

Of note

A big part of this board is the thinspo/thigh-gap-and-abs look of the models. I would love to see a board of this with a larger variety of models, although as someone who makes lots of pinterest boards I understand it can be difficult to find images, especially when you’ve got an extremely specific vision for both clothing style + photography.

You can definitely get the casual luxe draping on any person with the right cuts though. I don’t know what OP looks like – they might look like the models, in which case pinning photos of people with similar body types is great for a style they’re trying to implement. But if anyone who’s midsize or plus size likes this look, I would definitely focus on curating some examples with a variety of body types. Even if you can’t find any that look exactly like you, just getting your brain used to the idea that anyone can pull off slinky camisoles can be helpful if you tend to jump to negative thoughts when wearing that type of thing yourself.


Caller no. 2 has worked through The Curated Closet and sounds like they’ve got this down. But for fun, here’s what I’d recommend to someone who wanted to actually transition their wardrobe into this look (assuming they have a lifestyle where they don’t need to wear strict bizcaz or dress modestly or wear particular technical items most days).

After noticing the majority of the original board was actually flavor photos, I copied the pins that 1) had non-lingerie/swimsuit clothing items and 2) were not mostly about stylized photography. Just grouping similar items on that board showed a pretty clear starter/capsule already!

Starter Items


  • Black t-shirts (these are the wardrobe MVP, get more of these vs the more revealing stuff assuming that you don’t work somewhere that encourages those). Go for crewneck + boxy with a longer cut.
  • Boxy t-shirt dress with stylized sleeves, or at least one with a
  • Black deep-v-neck camisole
  • Fitted turtleneck or mock neck


  • Skinny jeans (black mostly, washed blue okay)
  • Wide leg trousers (could go for one woven fabric and one drapey)
  • Relaxed fit mid/low rise short shorts

Outerwear and Layering

  • Boxy coat (probably single breasted with minimal / hidden hardware)
  • I think there was one sweater pictured, but I wasn’t sure if that was included more for the photo’s overall aesthetic or the garment. Either way, realistically 1-2 minimalist sweaters.
  • Not pictured, but probably a boyfriend blazer. Cardigans feel too soft for this persona, but life sometimes calls for layering.


  • Black slides
  • Black ankle boots (with heel is nice, but not necessary)
  • Low profile sneakers.


  • Capsule jewellery. Gold minimalist (1-3 rings, stud earrings, statement earrings, medallion necklace, maybe one statement interesting thing for Events)
  • Eyeshadow stick (Ulta link, non-affiliate)
  • Non-crunchy mascara or lash extensions if you’re up for the maintenance
  • Eyebrow grooming kit (would depend on your hair type, but something to fill them in and some kind of finishing gel probably)
  • Nail polish (black, white)
  • Reusable lint roller
  • Perfect your messy bun

Things to look out for, but that you can probably afford to be picky about and wait on:

  • Fur overcoat – vintage or faux
  • Cutout top/dress – To keep up with the luxe feel, I don’t think this is the type of item that makes sense to get from Forever 21.


I’m not quite at encyclopedic knowledge of the latest in the fashion ecosystem, but some brands that I thought fit with the board:

Meijuri for minimalist but slightly trendy pieces

Filippa K if you need some clean cut pieces for more office friendly occasions

Catbird jewelry for more of the subtle witchy jewelry

Aritzia for more casual basics

Not as many inline images as I’d like, but hopefully that was still a good read. Looking forward to getting out more of these out! Are there any elements in this style that speak to you? If anyone has brands, blogs, or style boards that fit this vibe, share them below in the comments!


  1. Apart from the plenty-of-skin aspect to the board, once you had boiled it down to more work wearable clothes, I got a distinct vibe of modern Japanese-ness about the clothing. Although you marvellously tried to open up the style to different body shapes, I’m guessing the OP does not have a 40DD bust, for example (those backless numbers usually involve going bra-less, and even tiny spaghetti straps are often not the best look with hefty bra straps).
    Muji filed for bankruptcy in the US but ebay etc will still throw up their loose, often linen, boxy cut, no-darts numbers in neutrals which might appeal. Their clothing tends to be loose and structured at the same time. I’m sure there are pricier brands with the same sort of style!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s true that someone with a large bust who always wears a bra couldn’t get the exact same spaghetti strap look. There’s still some option with the thicker tank style in the board though, and I think a really low armhole style might work to create a sort of cutout vibe with a minimal black sports bra.

      Ooh Muji + japanese style minimalism is a good suggestion. I’ve always wanted to visit the store that was in SF, but I’d always end up just going to the Uniqlo instead because it was easier to get to.


  2. Hi! I’m OP and I absolutely love this analysis. You totally nailed the vibe, and the extra suggestions (graphic T’s / tote bags with motifs) fit in perfectly. I got carried away pinning and turned it into more of a mood board than a style board, and because of that there were so many details that I had a hard time teasing out. This analysis really helped with that. Saved your starter items list to use as a guide while shopping, and the Filippa K recommendation is perfect!

    Here’s a link to the board – I made it with my own body type in mind, but it can definitely translate to any body type. Thanks so much for this spot on deconstruction, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the inspiration board posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sam! Thanks for sharing your board! I totally get wanting to add all the flavor photos. I had that problem when I first started using pinterest heavily, because I’d add all these spooky nature pictures along with minimalist outfits and then wonder why my black tees and ponte pants didn’t feel so moody and magical 😅 I think even just recognizing that you’re doing that makes it a lot easier to read the boards though.

      Glad to hear you loved the post! I forgot the name of the shop until just now, but I thought you’d like the stuff at for graphic tees, patches, prints, etc.


  3. Hello! I lurk around your blog, and I just wanted to mention that I really appreciate it, and especially these style analysis posts. I love deconstructing things and searching for patterns, and watching someone else do it is fascinating (especially in fashion, which I’m totally inept at but would like to improve). I hope your holidays were happy!

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  4. This is amazing! I know there is already a guide to do it on the blog, but could you explain better this distinction between style-pin and mood-pin? I find I can’t think clear when it comes about my pins 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Claire! Style pins are anything directly related to the clothing – any photos of full or partial outfits or individual pieces where the clothing is clearly shown. Basically, is the picture featuring the clothes. Mood pictures can have people in them, but if the outfit is hard to see (e.g. here black and white filter + the subject is posed so most of the outfit is obscured) and there’s just something else you like about the image then that would be a mood picture. Mood photos can also include things that have a color palette / texture / shapes / etc that are evocative of the style you like, but don’t show any clothing. Hope that helped!


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