New thing! Free personalized style analysis

crunchy casual board screenshot

Hi everyone! Just checking in to announce that I’ve got a new experiment going: I’m doing free style board breakdowns! This isn’t a promo to get more followers on Instagram or anything. I just enjoy doing this and I realized that it will both be less work for me (as I don’t have to think up a new board in the first place) and actually helpful to other people if I offer to analyze existing style boards.

Head on over to the Free Personalized Style Analysis page for the full details and the request form. Here’s an excerpt 🔬

Are you tired of style quizzes that purport that there are only five different types of aesthetics or give you useless labels like “romantic chic” or “classic”? Do you have a Pinterest board of your dream style? Are you struggling to pin down concrete elements of it so that you can actually start shopping for things?

I enjoy doing style board breakdowns, so if you want some help figuring out the key elements of your collection of fashion inspiration images, I’d love to help. While I believe that anyone can learn to go from an inspiration style board to wearable outfits, I recognize that it can take a longer time to develop an eye for this sort of thing and it can be helpful to have someone point you in the right direction.

I’m happy to do this for no charge, but I would like to be able to post the breakdown on the blog. If you’re not comfortable with having a link to your Pinterest shared here, I am happy to write up the blog post with a screenshot of your board with the account info cropped out.

Note that the style analysis will not provide you with a list of shoppable links for exactly what to buy. You will get a description of core clothing and accessories, styling suggestions, and details to look for that you can then use to search for particular items that are accessible to you and suit your budget and sizing.

I have no idea how many or what types of requests I’ll get, so we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully it’s a good time for everyone ☺️

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