2020 Wardrobe Diff

Clothes, shoes, and accessories I acquired, sold, or donated


Year to date: 37 items


1 item

Burnt orange baseball cap with embroidered monarch butterfly, $17.99 (Not from wish list)

monarch baseball cap


6 items

Blundstone 1673 Chelsea Bootie, 8.5, $211.52


UC Botanical Garden baseball cap, distressed green, $19.61

Exploratorium retro style baseball tee, L, $0.00 (freebie from volunteering)

exploratorium retro t-shirt


BDG (Urban Outfitters) grandpa cardigan via Poshmark, S, $35.33


Levi’s 90s style “Diana” sweatshirt in peach blush, XS, $52.78 (30% off sale)


Free People “Write About Love” dress via consignment, size S, $20.71

free people write about love dress


Madewell “Daisy Delight” enamel jewelry set (these are now sold out)

drop stud earrings $28.00

small hoop earrings $28.00

daisy hoop earrings

friendship bracelet set $26.00

daisy bracelet

pendant necklace $36.00 (pictured below)

Urban Outfitters Snake Earrings $22.31


Free People “Moon River” cardigan in sierra combo, size small, $107.07

I have a full fit / quick review post of it here.


Free People Moon River cardigan in cream, size small, $49.97


Free People Moon River cardigan in yellow, size small, $49.97

Free People Moon River cardigan in sierra combo, size small, $49.97

(yes, there are four of these)

Reformation “Vita” ribbed long sleeve top in black via Nordstrom, size large, $58.50

Not sure if it comes across here, but I have space buns and not the world’s tiniest sad single bun.

reformation vita top

Free People “Tasha” thermal in ivory via Nordstrom, size medium, $51.00


Madewell via Poshmark “Sunday” flannel in Emmy plaid, size small, $50.81

Free People “modern femme” faux leather mini skirt in black via Nordstrom, size 10, $45.00


Madewell Multicolored Shapes Barrette $12.95 (sale)

Madewell Two-Pack Multicolored Shapes Alligator Hair Clips $15.40 (not in stock anymore, sale)

Madewell Acrylic Circle Barrette $8.75


14 items. All from Poshmark unless otherwise specified.

Free People waterfall ruffle sweater dress size S $86.86

Anthropologie “budding blooms” striped clutch $78.12

BDG parker cardigan forest green size S $34.42 (planning to embroider this)

BDG “parker” cardigan forest green size S $30.05 (keeping this plain)

Uniqlo x IDLF plaid button front corduroy midi skirt tan size 8 $48.63

Uniqlo high neck ribbed top forest green long sleeve size M $18.04

(pretend the photo is dark green instead of olive)

BDG “parker” cardigan light gray size S $34.42

BDG “parker” cardigan taupe size S $22.41

JoyLab gray mesh ‘rosaria’ top size L $23.50

Uniqlo mustard long sleeve mock neck size M $18.04

(tbh I can’t tell whether this stock photo is supposed to be the orange or the mustard one, but I suspect it’s orange)

Athleta inclination moto tight size medium petite in reddish brown $56.27

Uniqlo x IDLF red plaid skirt size 8 $39.89

Anthropologie ett:twa “Wesley” top white size M $22.47 (eBay)

Anthropologie eyelet blouse size 10 $69.46 (ebay)

Purge Limbo

Things which haven’t actually left the house yet, but are queued up to leave

  1. style | Seychelles tan pointed-toe lace up boots – These need to be worn with long socks otherwise the raw finish around the top of the boot will chafe, and I usually prefer less chunky socks with this type of shoe.
  2. style, too large | linen blend green button-down shirt – Boxier than I really will wear myself, also it was a size or two too large. The fabric is very nice though, so I feel like I should try and alter it into a tank top or something, but I’m not convinced that will actually happen.
  3. style | H&M navy floral blouse – This is a nice blouse but it doesn’t really fit with 90% of what I wear anymore and I don’t feel like the color/pattern is particularly flattering on me.
  4. too small | Old Navy light wash denim shorts
  5. too small | H&M faux leather shorts
  6. style | Børn brown flat oxfords – The black rubber bottom feels more casual than I’d like. I got these on eBay originally when I decided to try out flat oxfords. I like oxfords, but these just miss on color (too dark of a brown to work well with most of my wardrobe’s colors) and the style.
  7. style | H&M Morris & Co printed skinny pants – mid rise, so doesn’t really work with my preferred silhouette, as awesome as the print is.
  8. style, poor fit | Madewell vintage perfect jean 28 regular – The 27 petite curvy fits better and even though I tolerated these before, now that I’ve worn the other ones so much I never reach for them.
  9. style | Uniqlo black pleated-front wide-leg cropped pants – moving away from the drapey-black-stuff aesthetic, and wide leg doesn’t really work for pajamas for me.


All sold (for basically no profit) through Poshmark, since the brick and mortar consignment stores are closed.

  1. too long, style | Madewell high-rise distressed skinny jean, 29P – Jeans take up a lot of space and I didn’t wear these often.
  2. too small | ASOS washed black denim mom shorts, 8 – All of these shorts are several years old, and while I can technically pull them on, it’s pretty obvious that they are at least one size too small. I rarely wear shorts anyway since discovering long skirts with pockets for hot weather (and I don’t wear shorts to the office), and the mid-rise, fairly fitted, rolled hem style feels dated as well.
  3. style | Uniqlo beige linen-cotton trousers, M– I just never reached for these over the green ones
  4. fit | Athleta inclination moto tight in lavender, M – this was more of a “return”, bought and then resold via Poshmark