Outfits August 17 – August 31 2019

Do y’all like to see every single outfit or just notable ones? Would you rather see a collage and then just a few features? Do you prefer weekly posts or biweekly? Let me know in the comments! I do post every outfit along with commentary on Instagram so this is mostly a rehash. I do think it’s helpful to revisit outfits a bit later so I don’t mind the repetition, but I’d like posts to be somewhat tailored to what y’all like since these are a pretty standardized type of post to write.

Also, on Instagram I started the #ootdindepth hashtag! If you also like to write about what choices you made while putting your outfit-of-the-day together and how those affect the final look, feel free to join in! Or just follow along if you enjoy getting some wordier posts along in your feed ๐Ÿ“

August 17

If you ever wonder what I’m wearing on days when I didn’t post a photo, it was either athleisure or an outfit like this. If I suddenly had to downsize I think I could happily have a weekend capsule consisting of a few cute tops, these jeans, the daisy print skirt, Birkenstocks, and clogs.


August 18

I was feeling lazy this weekend so I decided to go for a denim and t-shirt fit. Obviously, I can not simply put on some clothes and leave, so it became this. I really like the cool 90s aesthetic and that I got in some use of this tee and one of the artsy docs. If the shorts were a pastel color it could almost be vaporwave.

I have a few super oversized vintage tees (like XL in 90s men’s sizing) and this one is the least egregious to style because it is the stiffest fabric. The softer ones end up feeling like I’m wearing a poncho but this at least has a bit of shape. It’s so bothersome to actually physically wear though because it takes like 3 minutes to tuck in again after using the restroom. IMO this looks pretty lumpy in person and less cool than in the photo, though not lumpy enough to draw any second glances. Sometimes I want to see if I can get it sized down to at least a large, but I’m not sure I’ll ever take it to the tailor.


August 19

Big fan of this casual mild weather look. The teddy fleece bomber jacket really brings it up to the next level and it is SO COMFY. I’ve repeated it already!


August 20

Twee but make it modern by wearing those pants that we’ll be all “wow I can’t believe everyone wore those” at in like 8 years.


I do actually like the color palette with the washed black jeans better, but I wanted a higher rise. Part of it is certainly just the current trend, but I’m not big on low necklines with mid rise because I don’t like the proportions when my torso looks lower on my body.


My hair was longer here and I think having it all pulled back looked nicest. I originally bought this green cardigan to wear with this cami because I only ever paired it with this tan one. I don’t 100% love how the v-neck cardigan works with a v-neck top. The effect is much more busty. I don’t dislike it enough to not wear this combo again, but it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. 2019-08-20c

August 21

Another favorite uber casual look.


Hair up/down makes a difference. I think this might have looked nicer in the ponytail version without lipstick. The all-bangs with the dark muted lip feels kind of dour.2019-08-21b

Much prefer this iteration without the belt and with a darker lip. My face feels less washed out (and with the overgrown haircut feels a bit more ~intentional~) and the outfit is nicer to look at because of the continuous shape of the light tee and jeans.2019-08-21c

August 22

No photo

August 23

Another one of the one step up from a t-shirt and jeans weekend fits. I really love the colors and textures here, feels really lighthearted and it reminds me of Cinderella.


August 24

No photo

August 25

I call this look “Frolicking Background Peasant With Basket #2” (in the style of every classical ballet ever) ๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s more on the costumey side of boho for me but it was fun. The daisy print on the skirt has yellow centers so this was a bit more colorful in person than it photographed.


August 26

This is my favorite outfit with this skirt so far. I really love the girly-grunge style combo.


August 27

Trendy-casual. I love the little BB-8 embroidered logo thing to keep the whole thing from feeling too plain and blocky.


August 28

Meh, wasn’t feeling how this turned out. I did a version of this before with a wide scoop neck top instead of a wrap bodysuit and I liked that better because there was more negative space around my face.


August 29

“Pajamas but had to leave the apartment to pick up the takeout” look. It was a little warm for this that day but I’ve always wanted to try a joggers + moto jacket fit since the blogger Ms Louie always has them in her travel outfits videos. I like the burgundy top here for adding some life to the outfit. Also feels less try-hard than if it was white/gray/black too. Sometimes I DO want to look like I put a lot of thought and effort into an outfit, but that would feel overdone on a pajama-based look.


August 30

This was fun too! I think this would have been better with black chunky flatform sandals (which I don’t have) or docs to have a second item in the fit that pulled the more modern/grunge-ish style of the beat-up field jacket. It feels a bit tossed-on here.


August 31

Space dress! I wore this Ms. Frizzle inspired outfit for the “Back to School” Theme WAYWT on reddit. I think I’d tried this dress + docs combo before and didn’t like it, but I think having a more freshly done severe haircut here helps pull off the look.



Still exploring pushing both further into the “storybook style” direction as well as just improving some basic casual fits. Been pretty tired with work and stuff but I’m still pretty happy with how things are going in personal style land. I continue to be impressed by my ability to think that a new outfit is the greatest outfit I’ve made yet 60% of the time, when looking back at my fits from more than a few months ago I usually think they weren’t very good and I wouldn’t re-wear them without at least tweaking them. I really need to do a retrospective post or maybe a series where I try to redo them in the same spirit, but with better fit and accessorizing.

The “how to look older in actually casual clothes” post should be out this weekend ๐Ÿ‘€

This Saturday’s Theme WAYWT on r/femalefashionadvice will feature maximalism and graphic tees! Should be a fun time, come check it out ๐ŸŽ‰

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