Outfits July 1 – July 16 2019

Okay I LITERALLY typed up the ENTIRE post, around 2k words, then the wordpress editor decided to delete the whole thing during my final edit when I was trying to fix a caption, and no amount of cmd+z would bring it back. I had something like this happen before, but I had decided that the extra time it took to reformat everything and keep consistency between a google doc and wordpress was just NOT worth it. I’m sorry but I don’t have another two hours to spend on this, so I’m just going to post the photos again without the extra in-depth descriptions. I’ll still include some thoughts but more in a hasty notes style rather than well-worded prose.

I do post thoughts on how I styled them each day on Instagram, so if you’re interested in reading more or seeing where the items from an outfit are from, you can head over to https://instagram.com/m.gets.dressed. I guess my lesson learned this time is to just not trust the caption feature because it’s been the most ornery part of their UI 😭

One of the things I had written about was that I’m finding that it’s good to think about whether frameworks you’ve put in place to help you with a wardrobe overhaul or be more adventurous in outfit styling (e.g. only buying certain colors, not wearing the same shoes two days in a row when logistically possible) are becoming more trouble than they’re worth in terms of what you’re learning from doing them, such as the way I used to evaluate each outfit in my posts by how much depth (texture, layering, etc) and whimsy they had in a checklist. I’m not going to do that any more because I’m finding it’s more helpful to just think of each outfit in its own context. I’m also finding that I’m feeling more inspired to do fashion looks from other outfits.

This month: more variety, but still feels like my own style. I still haven’t managed to put my finger on what it is that makes it distinct though.

July 1-16 2019 Outfits

A Stranger Things 3 inspired look, specifically the crew socks + sneakers combo. Love how the colors turned out. Not too Christmas-y with the olive and incorporation of burgundy, and the colors are evenly distributed through the outfit which visually pulls it together.


The shirt says “TCEA 1986 State Programming Contest” and I got it from ebay a while back.

I really love the costumes in this show.

Standard summer goth look. Like the layering, but it’s a bit top heavy visually. Some distressed denim would be great for balancing it out, or flatform sandals.


Close up of layers.


Beachy outfit from the same day. I like how there are smaller scale details throughout the outfit like the hat band and the print on the shorts.


Cheery sunflower style! Square neckline and structured shoes help keep it from feeling too loungewear. Love how the circle tote keeps with the sunflower motif.


Bee earrings for a flower-adjacent motif and fun mixed media

bee earrings

Indiana Jones style after watching The Last Crusade on Netflix. If high volume outfits feel kind of overwhelming, I often find that adding a hat will somehow make the base outfit feel smaller, because your head is proportional to it.

Standard Birkenstocks (Arizonas) would have worked better here because they’re visually heavier but I think the Mayaris still look nice.


Compare to this outfit without hat. I’m trying to get used to sneakers in Fashion outfits more for my poor calves health. Noticed that I usually like sneaker fits more when the sneakers are low profile like Keds or super statement sneakers like FILAs.


Seriously though, that 17″ inseam is so much fresher. Also prefer how I’ve styled this top recently with the sleeves up.


A look based off the tights, which reminded me of the triangle mesh you often see in computer graphics. Ended up unbelting the dress, which I shortened at first because I wanted to show off more of the cool tights. It lay better and was more comfortable. Don’t have a lot of sleek sci fi sort of pieces, so I went more grunge. Cyberpunk lite?


An m.gets.dressed classic look if there ever was one. Belt really helps coordinate the look which I think otherwise might get overwhelmed by the pants. I like how the pleats on these give it an additional visual element so it’s not just swaths of fabric.


The go-to “I need to look nice today” dress. Liked it better styled in last month’s post where it was a bit more lighthearted-adventure/storybook style than prep (especially with the trench), although I do think it was a nice smart look here.


Can’t let the tulle skirts rot in the closet. Wore this to the office. I like pairing the brown suede jacket with florals for an earthy feel, and it keeps it from being too moody since the rest of it is so dark.


Pink tulle skirt for a Trader Joes run because I live that kind of life now. I’ve been realizing that for the more extra pieces, it often works better to go all out head to toe for an Intentional Fashion look vs “I’m 14 and my mom got me this from Hot Topic after I begged her for three months”. e.g. instead of a plain soft tee, something with a bold element. Liked the double art motif here (The Great Wave! Hieronymus Bosch!) and also that I got to bring out this tee from the 2009 high school county swim team championship meet.

I looked a a lot of outfits on the #tulleskirt hashtag on Instagram and played it safe for this first outfit with a classic punk/fairy contrasting styling.


A more neutral pose.


Love the celestial motif and the finished waistband. A lot of the ones I saw had raw elastic waistbands which felt very cheap and costume-y in a bad way. This skirt is available here (sadly it’s a OS item).


Living my best space fairy life, and I’m pretty happy about it despite having lost a battle  to my arch nemesis, the wordpress editor.

What’s the silliest thing you try to wear on a regular basis? Do you have any frameworks that you try to follow when putting together outfits or curating your wardrobe?


  1. Cyber-Goth Space Fairy, possibly employed in the IT Department.

    So much to relate to in this post! The post deletion, the wardrobe navel-gazing, the outfit context, the fairy skirt. I agree about focusing on an outfit in its own context. Building around a self-defined check list either complicates or overwhelms the end result, and, after all, we’re just trying to have fun and look nice. I AM seeing elements of your style in each posted outfit. I also have no idea what that distinctive term would be, but you’ve got you done well.

    So, that pink skirt with the graphic tee is something I do at home, and I’ve been hoping to see something similar that I could compare and contrast from. Thank You! However, my skirt is that one blue skirt and in no way as celestially awesome as yours. But, um, hello I am definitely wearing it with my olive green jacket come fall! I think that’s what was missing for me!

    I like reading about how you balance darker goth-like elements with cutesy, feminine touches. Maybe the sub-text humanizes your fashion posts, but I don’t even bat an eye scrolling down from a yellow sunflower themed outfit then to a textured black cyber punk thing. Not to mention the geeky shirts and all other playful such things. There’s nothing I would change about your current styling – work it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It’s neat to see how even when I do have distinct styles they all still end up feeling like part of the same closet.

      A blue floaty skirt sounds really lovely. I feel like with high style contrast outfits having the “bookends” of outerwear and shoes being the same style usually makes it feel more intentional.


  2. I came across your site from FFA how to translate inspiration to a wardrobe and am consuming everything I can on your site! I’ve learned so much from the guides on FFA, and your site is like reading part 2. It’s so helpful to hear about your process!! The post on how to wear wide leg pants and sneakers is exactly what I have been struggling with trying to style. As well as your post on style sub-capsules – I’d been struggling to reconcile my wardrobe/style and it finally clicked that I have 2-3 distinct styles for the office vs. summer/leisure/travel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! That’s so awesome to hear that it’s been helpful. I know a lot of it is pretty specific to my own style preferences and lifestyle but I always hope that I can give other people ideas for tuning their own closets.

      (Sorry for the phenomenally late response – I have been pretty off the wordpress blog the past few weeks)


  3. I like how you show you can have a variety of distinct looks but still mesh them together on occasion. There’s the relaxed, earth tones + light denim ‘california cool meets indiana jones’ look, the ‘edgy cyberpunk/witchy/grunge’ look with lots of black and leather, and the ‘whimsical fun thematic floaty’ look, and they can all stand on their own or mix with the other ones.

    My ‘framework’ is essentially based around a color palette (earth tones, some jewel tones, black/white/pink as outside colors) and a certain set of proportions that I know I enjoy. Basically, waistlines must hit me at the waist or bellybutton and not significantly higher or lower. This gives me freedom to experiment while knowing things will more or less be cohesive and ‘flattering.’ I have too many particular influences to try to list, but the formal elements that tie them together are structure/tailoring (so avoiding oversized looks, shift dresses, lagenlook/mori kei silhouettes), color blocking, ‘clean lines’ (very particular about the way the lines of my outfit intersect with each other), and an interest in abstract/geometric patterns (houndstooth, ‘geo prints’, stylized versions of florals) and prints over literal ones (e.g. an image of a dog’s head repeated through a shirt).

    Ideally, any shirt/shoe/pant combination should be an acceptable base for an outfit. Accessories/third pieces like scarves, cardigans, and belts mediating between colors that aren’t naturally cohesive (e.g. very warm brown and pastel pink broken up by a black belt or a cooler brown). Creative pinning/tucking mediates between differently structured pieces (e.g adjusting the amount of blousing on a top depending on the tightness of the pants). I’m not in love with every single combination that results from this, but I can generally work with it. The more versatile some garment is (e.g. you can do SO MUCH with button-up shirts) the better, because that gives me more structure-changing opportunities. Items like long sleeve sweaters/maxi dresses that you can’t really manipulate are more boring to me now because they tend to be very one-note in that sense – taking up a lot of visual space, difficult to layer with, look the same every time.

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    1. Hi H! I can’t immediately think of any traditional style category that could describe your framework, but it’s so thorough I feel like I can picture your style already even without photos. It sounds really sharp!

      That’s interesting to see how you’ve given a lot of thought to formulas to combine more disparate pieces. I tend to like to stick to more matchy-matchy color schemes but I usually go for the third piece strategy you described.

      (Sorry for the phenomenally late response – I have been pretty off the wordpress blog the past few weeks starting a bit after I posted this because I was a bit burned out from work and stuff)


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