March 2019 Outfits: Part 1

Running a bit late with this one (there’s only about a week left in the month, lol), but still churning it out. As usual, I’m evaluating my progress in the following areas:

🌊 Depth – do textures, layers, and accessories provide a feeling of richness? Are there small, medium, and large shapes throughout the outfit?

Whimsy and wonder – my general aesthetic goal is to have outfits that feel like they could be out of a storybook (see the My Style page for more details on this). Erring a little on the dramatic side is good.

☑️ Goals for this month – this month I didn’t have a goal for the first half, but intend to wear tweaked versions of some of these outfits in the next two weeks that I hopefully like better.

I’m also sporadically wearing items from my winter-spring transitional mini-capsule which you can read more about at the link. That means that about half of these were planned capsule outfits, which I find are usually more put-together looking than the average impromptu look.

(click the image to view full-res in a new tab)

march 2019 outfits part 1.png

I’m going to embed my original Instagram posts of the individual outfits because they already include item brands and the weather for the day in addition to my original long-winded thoughts for some context. If you thought that I used IG as a photodump and saved my garrulousness for the blog, you were very mistaken, lol. I am committed to analyzing my outfits every day.

Do you (all five of you readers 😂) have a preference for embedded Instagram posts vs just photos? I’m not really in this to have people pinning my photos all over the place (not that I’m against that, but I just don’t think ~inspo photography~ is the strength or point of this blog) but I do realize that embedding the IG posts makes things harder to save (and the post becomes a lot longer and somewhat redundant if you read all the captions).


It wasn’t my explicit goal for March, but I did keep in mind to incorporate more of my non-techwear jackets and coats and I think that really helped with the overall visual interest of my outfits in these two weeks. I included my favorites in the mini-capsule planning and that helped a lot. Even now after I’ve gone through most of those looks I had lined up, I find that after wearing a variety of jackets for over two weeks, I’m more inclined to continue switching them up. Kind of sad I only got into this right as the weather is warming up, but there’s always next year (and 48F summer mornings in San Francisco).

Incorporating another printed item has also made a huge difference. I’m still really into those Morris & Co printed skinny trousers. Looking at the grid, I think if I’d had pants in the same silhouette but in solid slate blue the effect wouldn’t be nearly as rich. In these two weeks I wore four different printed pieces which I think is a record for me.

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2019-03-03 Sunday 🌲 Green on green. Second outfit in what I suppose will be a loose mini-capsule series. Not planning on being strict about it like a 10×10 challenge (I am excited to try a lot of the outfits I came up with, but I’m not aiming to necessarily wear exclusively this capsule for the next n days), but I always find trying to put together a mini capsule that mixes and matches well is a good way to get inspired and make new outfits from stuff in my closet. Constraints begetting creativity and all that. Check out my latest blog post for more details on how I picked the items and a bunch of outfit flatlays. Link in profile! . You can also see the other THREE posts from today at the same link (my homepage is now the blog feed instead of the about page): February Round-up (a monthly post of wear counts, purchases, and purges), Styling Printed Skinny Pants (5 outfits!), and Dividing My Wardrobe into Style Sub-capsules. I could have scheduled them to post on a timer over the next week, but I’ve been putting these off enough as it is 🤷🏻‍♀️ . As I’ve mentioned before, I am not a closet minimalist, but I just find making capsule wardrobes so satisfying! It’s like being a stylist or fashion buyer from/for your own wardrobe 😂 It’s much less overwhelming way to find new looks or identify holes in your wardrobe than trying to pull things together from a pool of like 100+ pieces. . Top // H&M Jacket // Uniqlo U (ebay) Pants // Topshop Shoes // Børn (ebay) Hat // Brixton Purse // Coach (ebay) . 58/48F ☁️ . Side note: did stylebee and unfancy just like, drop the 10×10 challenge? I feel like the winter one should have happened by now but I never saw an announcement post 🤔 I’m not terribly missing it as I’m not sure I learn loads from fully following through on them at this point, although it was fun to get everyone doing it at the same time. I was hoping to make a big stink about capsules absolutely not needing to be neutral and minimal style (a not-uncommon sentiment I’ve seen that is a huge pet peeve of mine) but I guess I can just keep doing that with my personal mini capsules or “translating style boards to wardrobes” blog posts.

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2019-03-11 Monday ☀️ Back on my (8 + (shoes + outerwear)) x Whatever capsule! Gonna hop on the #spring10x10 hashtags since I’m still going. I’m on outfit 7 and so far 4 of them have had these pants 🤔 I’m sure part of it is just the novelty, but I am really happy with how much fun they’ve been to wear so far. . My tuck is a bit sloppy here but I didn’t have time to retake pics. . Someone on reddit ffa said they don’t think this worked because they consider floral x floral to not be mixed enough for mixed prints. I personally consider any two non identical prints to be mixed prints 🤷🏻‍♀️ These have the same color palette but different base colors and pattern densities so that’s good enough to be a mixed-match for me! I actually don’t own many printed items so this may be the only print-mixing outfit I can do, lol. . ICYMI I have more info in a longer blog post from a little while ago about how I selected this capsule (link in profile). . Today: Coat // Forever 21 (sleeves are hemmed) Top // H&M Bottom // Morris&Co x H&M (cuffed under) Shoes // Børn (ebay) . This round of the #10x10challenge is hosted by @selltradeslowfashion and @buyfrombipoc and I think the main hashtag is #stsfxbfbipoc10x10 . I am not a minimalist aesthetically or numerically (if anything I’m actively moving away from the aesthetic — my current buying guideline is that any new piece has to raise the overall visual interest of its category) nor do I own anything from a slow fashion brand. I am more drawn to the vintage/thrift/consignment sphere of slower fashion aesthetically (there’s just so much more variety) and philosophically (though for sure not everyone has the time etc to shop secondhand) but I am definitely on board with curating a wardrobe intentionally and trying to make the most out of your items, however that makes sense for you. In practice I do constrain myself to keep only what reasonably fits in my apartment (~400 sq ft, shared with my boyfriend). . 62/39F ☀️

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Whimsy and Wonder

I also wore a large portion of my shoe collection here, and I like how that worked towards the more whimsical feel. I love black ankle boots and will probably always love black ankle boots, but working in some more shoes with vintage vibes like oxfords, t-strap pumps, and heck, even just brown boots instead of black ones makes the overall effect more fun.

I’m definitely not going to like, photoshop comparison collages just for these posts, but now that I’m doing these collages, I like to imagining “what would all these outfits look like if they all had X item instead”? Partly to see if some new combo looks good to try and also to check if I’ve done something that works vs old defaults. I think most of these outfits would look good with any of my black fitted-shaft ankle boots, but I think that would make it seem like shoes are not a part of my outfit thought process. (But also props to black boots, a true wardrobe workhorse.)

I only wore a hat in two outfits (the same beret) but in the higher level view I think that helps bolster the whimsical feel. No one wears a beret because they want to look nondescript.

I got in two outfits that were more in the dark fantasy sort of style which tbh were not my favorites this month, but I do enjoy having days where I can style myself to a different/more specific aesthetic goal than the usual ‘storybook’ vibe.

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2019-03-09 Saturday ⚡️ Went to go watch the httyd movie which was kind of disappointing. Wish I had a sweater that would layer over this dress but I don’t have anything quite cropped enough or thin enough to shorten by tucking under for it that also has a high enough neckline. I’m not interested in going like, full dark mori layers but sometimes I just want to change it up a little. . The dress is rib-knit which isn’t showing up in the photo. Would have liked if the scarf was a bit more textured as well. I also tried my green cowl scarf with the tassels but it felt too bulky on top of the thin drapey dress. I think my gray chunky knit infinity scarf might have worked better (it certainly would have photographed better next to my hair) but it’s not as warm as this one and I feel is also a bit dated when combined with the boots. . I wore a gray raincoat over this which was not really on theme, but I wanted to wear something easy that was kinda fantasy style but also not get rained through 🤷🏻‍♀️ . I added the purse to hopefully move it slightly away from the “older woman who unsolicitedly preaches to you about veganism in the grocery store” flavor of boho. I love seeing handkerchief hem stuff in more stylized looks like dark mori but since I don’t commit to the full effect of that style in favor of a more minimal look, on the flip side I do try to be careful not to cross over into other styles that are adjacent but not what I’m trying to project. inb4 “you’re overthinking it” I realize no one cares about my outfit as much as me. The whole schtick of this account is overanalyzing my outfits. . Despite all that I did like the outfit overall and I usually do enjoy getting dressed. I am very critical in all my captions because the whole point of this account is to improve, not to be a goodvibesonly influencer. Sometimes I think I should work on balancing it with some friendlier banter to not be such a downer, but that sounds like too much work. . Scarf // ASOS (from the mens section) Dress // Forever 21 Purse // Topshop Shoes // Jeffrey Campbell for Free People (poshmark) Earrings // Amazon (search for “claw ear jacket earring”)

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I’m really pleased with how this month has been going sartorially, but since my goal here is to keep improving, some outfits I think I’d like to wear again with some tweaks are the the floral blouse + midi skirt look, the culottes + lace-up boots look, and the space print dress. I think if I don’t have any specific thing I wanted to try, simply retrying a few outfits with tweaks seems like a good default goal.

I liked this outfit, but I think I would personally enjoy it more if I wore my lace-up pointed toe boots instead. I usually wear these sleeker boots when I’m trying to add a more modern touch to an outfit that might otherwise read as dowdy or overly conservative but here I think the look would be stronger if I committed to vintage-inspired details.

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2019-03-07 Thursday 🐢 Outfit 6 of whatever for this mini capsule. Of the core pieces, so far I’ve used 4/5 of the tops and all three of the bottoms, as well as all six shoes. Been off the planned outerwear a bit, but that’s fine. I’m not bored at all yet I think largely due to the varied color palette and shoes 🎨👞. I might even get through all 15 of the combinations yet, although I’m giving myself the okay to bail or mix in some other looks whenever I feel like it. . So far I’ve really appreciated getting in the habit if changing up shoes and outerwear, which have often been relegated to afterthoughts. That wasn’t one of the original intentions of this exercise (which was mostly to just wear a bunch of my favorite pieces together in new awesome combos), but I’m happy it popped up. . Not super duper digging the outfit without the coat. I think it would have looked more cohesive with black somewhere else in the outfit, like a belt or purse to tie it together and look more intentional as this is a pretty dark navy that could come off like I was confused and thought it was black. The coat is a dark gray herringbone so I think mid to dark gray boots would have looked awesome. I do like the silhouettes of the blouse and circle skirt together though. . I wore the sleeker boots and my fake gauge gold half-hoops to add some more edgy/modern elements. One thing I’m wary of when dressing in more modest feminine outfits is looking stuffy or conservative, so I usually try to throw in at least some accessory that’s more fashion-y. . Coat // Forever 21 (sleeves hemmed) Top // H&M Skirt // Uniqlo Boots // Steve Madden . 55/43F ⛅️

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I liked the idea of this outfit (and do still like it overall – let it be known again that unless I explicitly say that I disliked an outfit, even if I write loads of criticism about it, it doesn’t mean I thought it was bad overall) but it was just a bit too shapeless for the amount of volume for my tastes. I want to try these boots and culottes with some more fitted or structured items on the top.

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2019-03-08 Friday 🦇 We interrupt this capsule because I felt like wearing my new lace-up boots and witch pajamas. I have of course immediately stepped on a piece of gum while boarding the train but I guess that’s why we wear shoes and not walk around barefoot 🤷🏻‍♀️ . These are the Free People x Jeffrey Campbell “Joe” lace-up boot and I’ve low-key wanted to buy them for probably two years now. They’re the perfect boot for some fantasy adventure vibes. I particularly like that they have more of a victorian shape than a combat boot look. They’ve been unavailable for at least that long though so I just check poshmark every now and then and last month I finally found some in my size that were sub $200 . The ankle zip is a bit bunchy I think due to a combination of the construction (the zippers are wavy even if I’m not wearing them) and the fact that my calves are probably on the upper end of what fits in the boot. I’m okay with it though since they have a slightly distressed boho thing going on. . I suppose this outfit would still look mostly the same if I’d worn shorter boots, but I do appreciate that as I move around there will be continuous boot which I think does make a difference. . Today’s culottes are a thinner, drapier, slightly sheer pair that I usually just wear on weekends in the summer, but I’m also wearing tights underneath and didn’t want to overheat. . The outfit still feels a little too soft overall for my taste. Coulda used a belt or a leather purse, though I don’t use purses on weekdays as I use an ergonomic laptop backpack for work. Some more voluminous sleeves would have also been nice as the proportions here are starting to get into the t-rex look. Still, pleased overall. . I think this style of shoe is basic enough that I don’t think they by themselves will make a look dated, but since I think this style was a lot more popular around the early 2010s most of the inspo pics I find of non-costume looks are pretty dated which is annoying. I’m probably going to wear them in the occasional dark fantasy inspired outfit a la (a more basic version of) @catinawitchhat 🖤 . Cardigan // H&M Top // AllSaints (consignment) Culottes // Forever 21 . 55/44F ⛅️

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I love this dress and will continue to love it even if I only ever wear it with black ankle boots, but I felt like a five-year-old (in a bad way, not a joyous one) with the raincoat on. I simply want another chance to wear the dress without cringing slightly whenever I see my reflection in a window. This is a perfectly serviceable jacket and I like it much more than a similar black one I had before, but it’s been annoying to try to incorporate into outfits. I could write a whole blog post about my search to find a raincoat but I want to save that for whenever I actually find one. So far the only ones I’ve seen that fit “actually waterproof real raincoat not a raincoat-shaped fashion jacket” and “less full-techwear-looking” and “red or yellow” are from a brand that looks like it will be expensive AF to ship to the US (Seasalt) so I’m still just using this one.

I only had one outfit that I straight-up didn’t like and didn’t want to re-wear in any form (the first outfit with the sweater dress and sneakers – it was a rushed and grumpy and sore morning), nine outfits I really liked, and six outfits I liked which is pretty great. I give myself more specific things to aim for because it’s easier to make progress towards better-defined things, but overall I just want to get to a point where I LOVE pretty much every outfit I put on, and it is easy for me to make those outfits (from styling practice and having the right wardrobe for it).

And that’s half of March! As we go into warmer weather I do want to start incorporating more t-shirt-and-jeans outfits. I have a sizeable t-shirt collection that mostly doesn’t get worn out of the house because I don’t have blue jeans (that I could wear to work – I have one pair of blue denim shorts) or fun sneakers and am trying to avoid the heavy look of black jeans with black boots all the time. I’ve ordered a pair of light wash jeans and some New Balance classics which will hopefully fit so I can start wearing those soon. I suspect it may cause my IG viewership to take a bit of a hit (diluting the brand, as it were – t-shirts-and-jeans outfits just don’t lend themselves to interesting posts if the photography is not super atmospheric) but I didn’t drop a few hundred dollars on vintage t-shirts to never wear them out of the house.


  1. I’m interested to see how you’ll style the jeans and t shirt look. I’m not sure why anyone on IG would be prejudiced against it tbh, but oh well. Neat capsule, you look great.

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    1. Thanks! I personally use instagram for inspiration that will push me and I regularly clean out my follows and unsubscribe from accounts that become boring to me. I honestly have no plans to do anything interesting with t-shirt looks so I certainly wouldn’t hold it against anyone who is following because they are interested in seeing the process of someone trying incrementally more out-there things (which has been my schtick so far) to move on, as I don’t discuss minimal/ethical fashion (the community which I mostly interact with on IG) or have great photography either.


  2. Totally interested in seeing your tshirt-and-jeans looks too! Some people might move on but I like the idea of getting some inspiration for more everday outfits as well as pushing towards more out-there or dramatic looks.

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