February 2019 Outfits Overview: Part 1

Moving my outfit overviews into their own posts out from the monthly round-ups because going over outfits one by one without any other arc is redundant since I already have that content on my Instagram. I’ll embed the instagram posts for the current set of outfits referenced to include the original description for reference but feel free to skip the captions on them. Going forward I will put my Instagram caption footer in a comment so it doesn’t get repeated everywhere in these posts.)

Edit: for some reason the wordpress editor is inserting a load of spaces before the embedded Instagram posts. I will try to fix that or change to just normal photos later, sorry.

These posts will be ramblings on how my outfits have been doing in the following categories:

🌊 Depth – do textures, layers, and accessories provide a feeling of richness? Are there small, medium, and large shapes throughout the outfit?

Whimsy and wonder – my general aesthetic goal is to have outfits that feel like they could be out of a storybook (see the My Style page for more details on this). Erring a little on the dramatic side is good.

☑️ Goals for this month – this month I wanted to try making more outfits with jeans, since I haven’t been getting a ton of wear out of mine (I just have two pairs of the same washed-black straight-leg jeans).

Jeans don’t particularly fit my primary “storybook style” aesthetic because they have a modern feel (I usually have found that I like sticking to trousers and midi skirts of various kinds), but there are certainly some times when I feel more comfortable dressed down and swapping denim into an outfit is an easy way to make things more casual. Taking time on random days to create jeans outfits will make it easier to make a less blah look when those times I “need” a jeans outfit actually come around.

Some other things I usually think about are cohesion at the wardrobe level (if you just had the clothes, does it feel like they’re all part of a curated wardrobe? This makes it easier to mix and match things.) but also maintaining coarse variety. Are there a variety of silhouettes, colors, and color values in each category of clothing? A wardrobe with those qualities will feel larger and less repetitive than a wardrobe of the same size that varies less in those dimensions. But at this point, I think the items I have are pretty solid on these fronts so I won’t delve into how I could improve here as much.


So here we are! The first 14 outfits of February 2019:


Click image to view it in full res in a new tab! I still don’t feel like shelling out for a business wordpress plan so I can’t embed galleries. When possible I’ve tried to stick with the images that just have full outfits because let’s be real, no matter how well-chosen your dainty tiny accessories are, they aren’t going to be noticeable in the scale of the gestalt of the outfits.


This has been a bit of a wash so far. I’ve worn two outfits with jeans and both of them are pretty boring (although the first one was worn to a volunteering shift that requires a utilitarian outfit, I did make an attempt to accessorize a bit).

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2019-02-02 Saturday 🎀 A bit behind on posts, here’s yesterday’s outfit which was what I wore to my weekly half-day animal education volunteering thing (the uniform tee is just layered over while I’m there). I tried dressing my hair up a bit with the headband I usually use when I’m washing my face, but it turns out it’s not grippy enough to be worn while actually moving around much. I usually have a second outfit on Saturdays for whatever other errands or event I’m doing but I decided to try and just dress up my base outfit a bit. . I liked the accessories but I don’t love how this top blouses over when tucked into these pants. It’s fine with skirts or cropped over a dress but combined with the flatter neckline, the result is the square torso thing that I don’t like. . Last month I focused on socks and tights for accessorizing. This month I want to try to get in a couple of more plain jeans and leggings neutral sort of looks in, and actually try and make them Outfits. I’m halfway through my January round up post and I donated A LOT of stuff last month that was mostly “things that really only look great with skinny jeans”. I still often don’t feel awesome when I’m in jeans outfits unless it’s like my NYE look where I wore jeans with layers of velvet and cashmere OR it’s a full vintage tee + jeans + moto jacket sort of look. As much as I think a lot of my stuff looks fine, I also want to focus more on getting rid of more stuff that isn’t super versatile. Part of it is just wanting to have more breathing space in the closet, but after spending some time making little mini capsules from scratch for the Translating Fantasy Pinterest Boards… series, I’m thinking I could really tighten up my own wardrobe as well. I like the idea of having a few mini capsules (like 6 to 12 pieces, crossing over when it works) within one wardrobe where the items fully commit to a style and REALLY go together (vs trying to shove a watered down version of 3-4 styles into a single wardrobe). Maybe I’ll split the stuff that doesn’t fit the “antique storybook set in the fall threw up on you” into a more casual set and a luxe witchy sort of set. We’ll see 🤷🏻‍♀️

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2019-02-12 Tuesday 👖 Haven’t been doing too great on my February wardrobe goal of doing more outfits with jeans. I realized that’s largely because my favorite way to wear jeans now is with a long cardigan, and long cardigans aren’t great in the rain and it’s been rainy more days than not. . I’m in the process of dividing my wardrobe up into style subcategories. I think it will make it easier for me to make outfits with more of a statement when the style groups I have in my head are more specific, and I suspect thinking about my clothes as being in a few mostly-distinct wardrobes will also make me get bored less easily. I’m thinking of focusing things into “storybook”, “minimal witchy”, and “retro casual” looks. I’m still on the fence about purging most of the minimal witchy stuff. I do wear some of it occasionally but the pieces I have mostly feel limp and drab to me now. Thinking of keeping a few dresses and donating the remaining tops. . I have a bunch of neglected vintage tees (hence the “retro casual”) because it’s winter and I always feel kind of sloppy pairing them with my neutral elegant style sort of pieces or just boring default “gear” like a black puffer. Thinking about that as its own grouping, I think I’d find them more wearable if I had 1-2 joyful sweaters and one long sleeved layering tee to pair them with. I’m thinking something like one of those half-zip two-tone pullover fleeces and a cardigan of some sort 🤔 . Today I’m wearing this ancient college sweater that was my dad’s. Injecting a little more fun into the outfit with some striped socks (the burgundy matches the mock neck I’m wearing as a base layer) and geometric earrings and a 💫🌙 ring. I originally tried my green bauble earrings because I wanted something a bit larger with some color, but switched to the geometric ones because I thought they mirrored the logo and large type on the sweater better. . These details aren’t too visible at a distance but in the long run I think it’s the finishing touches like that which really take outfits from “I put on a top and bottom” to “I put on an Outfit”. . Jeans + earrings // ASOS Boots // Steve Madden

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Looking back at my old outfits with jeans, my favorite ones that also fit my primary aesthetic are ones that include long cardigans. I think this is because it increases the depth and drama of an outfit, and also makes the denim less of a focus.



I’d be totally cool with even just getting in the habit of wearing my existing simple cardigan-jeans outfits more often, but it’s been really rainy the past two weeks, and I don’t have any long coats suited to inclement weather and I can’t be bothered to tote my cardigan around in a bag on the train and then change into it at work. I certainly don’t think basic sweater-jeans-boots outfits look bad, but in previous winters I’d just get so. bored. with my outfits and I’ve found that combo doesn’t tend to make me feel anything more than just fine.


I think my strongest outfit in terms of pure visual interest this month was actually the second column fourth row “reluctant grocery run” outfit. It has a strong color scheme (muted primary colors).

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2019-02-10 🐻💤 I guess I’ll go to the grocery store if I have to. . The true quality Dude-inspired outfit styling content y’all are here for. Remember it’s ok to take a breather from your usual style, especially in the name of being cozy. On the blog today, I go over pros and cons of posting outfits to instagram in response to a request to discuss how to have confidence to post ootds. Link in profile! But basically the way I approach it is to specifically go through pros and cons so I can be confident that I thought through my decision to post on this account and then stick to it. Lmao I’ve heard too many company values spiels throughout the years and I think I have some version of “use data, decide, commit, follow through” tattooed into the inside of my skull ☠️ . But actually though I dig that every item has something interesting going on (the rust joggers have bits of embroidery all over them) and that there’s some orange in the hat to match the pants👌A nice color scheme with a muted version of the primary color triad. . Also another thing going for my wardrobe at this point: having some “extra basics”. If I’m gonna wear joggers and soft outerwear, might as well have something more fun than a black jacket and gray joggers 💃🏻. . 53/40F 🌦 50-80% humidity . Hat // LL Bean Sweater // Champion Joggers // Anthropologie Cardigan // Ralph Lauren (ebay) Boots // Dr Martens . I’m 5’1” and usually a US size 8. . Items I’ve worn in the last 30 days are on my website mgetsdressed.com (link in bio) including brand and wear count 📊 . #redditffa #waywt #wiw #wiwt #ootd #ootdfashion #outfit #outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #whatiwore #currentlywearing #realoutfitgram #style #styleblogger #10x10friends #casualstyle #everydaystyle #stylediaries #petitefashion #outfitdiaries

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On the whole, I think I did okay, mainly because I’ve made it a point to keep mostly just items that have some sort of texture – a lot of corduroy and chunky knits in particular. But I haven’t been doing too well at layering or accessorizing. Many of the outfits are just a top + bottom + shoes which is not terribly interesting, e.g. the following outfit.

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2019-02-04 Monday ☔️ Rewearing this combo from the 10-day travel capsule from Boston. Switched out the sleeker lace-up boots for docs because it’s pretty rainy today. I think it does look a tad incongruous because the sweater and the skirt are a little on the dressier side, but eh, inclement weather expands the range of what counts as fashion~~. . The sleeves on the sweater are definitely too long but I embrace the inflatable flailing tube man look whenever I’m wearing this :parrot:. I usually pair it with a monochrome bottom piece and shoe though to make it feel more proportional. . Accessorized with some of my costume jewelry with white accents to match the sweater. . In my day to day outfits I’ve found black and white outfits rather boring, but I really liked my travel capsule because I made sure to bring items with richer textures like the pleather skirt, and I used a lot of accessories. It’s often not cold enough here to put up with hats though ⛅️ . January Round-up blog post is up! Link in profile. I bought 14 things but I also donated 26 things, most of which were items that were skinny-jean staples that were in purge limbo for a long time (I no longer own any true skinny jeans). I should probably slow the churn just to make the posts faster to write, lol. . Sweater // Athleta Skirt // Forever 21 Boots // Dr Martens . 🌻🌲✨🐍📖 . I’m pushing myself to wear incrementally more interesting items and combos, even at the expense of always having an optimally flattering outfit. However if anything doesn’t come off as an intentional pairing and I haven’t acknowledged it in the caption, I’d appreciate (constructively phrased) feedback 🙂 . I’m 5’1” and usually a US size 8. . Items I’ve worn in the last 30 days are on my website mgetsdressed.com (link in bio) including brand and wear count 📊 . #redditffa #waywt #wiw #wiwt #ootd #ootdfashion #outfit #outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #whatiwore #currentlywearing #realoutfitgram #style #styleblogger #10x10friends #casualstyle #everydaystyle #stylediaries #petitefashion #outfitdiaries

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On the other hand, while this outfit is a bit different from usual as it’s athleisure, I quite liked it especially with outerwear and hat and socks because then there are more small and medium shapes in the outfit, not just large blocks like the topbottomshoe fits.

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2019-02-06 Wednesday 🚌 Keeping it comfy today heading to a company offsite. 🤔 the organizer told us to wear something we were okay running around outside in so I figured this would work. I was debating between docs and sneakers but I went with boots because I always feel that it looks more serious (and I’m assuming there won’t be literal sprinting involved, but you never know with team building exercises 🙄). The sweater has a split hem and is a bit longer in the back. . I work at a startup in SF and even on a normal day at the office it’s not uncommon to see people in their Nice Joggers or (for women) pleather leggings, and there are a few people who change into house slippers once they get in. There are also some folks even in engineering who like to wear business casual every day and a pretty healthy variety of styles worn in between. I’m really glad to work in an office where I can wear pretty much whatever I like 👍 That includes having other folks around who have pretty defined fashion styles themselves or wear bright colors or trendy things, as I’ve worked at places before where free t-shirts and gray hoodies were basically a uniform. . On the topic of athleisure, I have a new blog post up where I create a small capsule of mostly athletic wear based on a mood board inspired by a victorian/edwardian afternoon tea party ☕️🌷It was a lot of fun to try and interpret the style elements into a completely different type of clothing. I often hear the sentiment on reddit etc that capsules need to be all neutral colors or boring to be cohesive, and I’m a firm believer that that isn’t true. Check it out! Link in my profile. . 🌤 55/32F 50-90% humidity . Jacket // Uniqlo U (ebay) Sweater // Madewell Pants // Athleta Boots // Dr Martens

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“Third pieces” would help a lot here, but the reality of my life is that I take a nice ergonomic backpack to work 5 days a week for my public transit commute and it has been quite rainy and I’ve been wearing boring utilitarian outerwear. I have a nice raincoat on my wish list so hopefully by the time the next rainy season rolls around I can upgrade there.

My preferred silhouette for cardigans has been long cardigans, but perhaps it is time to figure out a few outfits involving my two relatively cropped ones that are suitable for winter weather so that I can fit them under my existing weather gear.

I do have a few scarves that I could try incorporating more. I have a few hats but I haven’t reached for any of the brimmed ones simply because they are not practical at all for sitting on a bus or being outside in any amount of wind. I’m convinced that most blogger photos featuring wide-brimmed felt hats in SF are only-for-the-photos things. IRL in winter I never see anyone wearing brimmed hats, only beanies, because it is often breezy and if you take the subway it’s always windy there.


I think this is a dimension I’m still struggling with, because it’s harder to identify and communicate than something like a color palette. Looking at my outfits, I think the ones that come across as best in this category are the ones that are more highly-accessorized and include pieces that are more old-timey feeling. Most of my pieces right now are plain with some slightly interesting silhouette detail like pleated culottes and blouson sleeved sweaters, but they are still aren’t interesting enough on their own (lack of buttons, collars, prints, structural details) that I’d peg them as whimsical.  Similar to depth, I think going harder on more visible accessories would help here. I love my jewelry collection which I think definitely fits this theme, but most of my pieces are really small and honestly not visible unless you’re right next to me.

An outfit that does a solid amount of more visible details is this one with the 1940s style blouse and trench:

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2019-02-01 Friday 🦉I ate something really off yesterday and was up past 4am with stomach cramps and I feel like garbage. Today I’m just at home (but briefly venturing out to poke at some soup at the restaurant around the corner) so as usual I wanted to try a ✨new✨ outfit of some sort since it’s always easier to branch out in an environment where you dgaf. . Debuting this vintage style blouse (I’m not sure which era this is inspired by – if you can pin it, let me know!) which I LOVE the design elements of: a NARROW shawl collar v-neck (sort of the grown up version of a peter pan collar lol), rouleau buttons, slight blouson sleeve, and it nips in at the waist. This is pretty much the exact design of blouse I’ve had in my head for ages. However as white polyester blouses do, it’s sheer and a bit clingy and the placket is visible from a distance 😕. It also definitely needs the cuffs taken up (it looks sloppy enough folded that I wouldn’t wear it to work like this). The buttons don’t gape, but I think it was designed for someone with a slightly smaller bust. . Short of comissioning a made to measure button-down blouse I’ve just accepted that impeccable tailored button-downs with flair are not going to happen for me. Which I’m okay with, because I don’t know if this style will still suit my wardrobe preferences 5, 10+ years out. If I settle into a style for several years then I’d definitely consider getting EVERYTHING TAILORED EVERYWHERE but considering how capricious I still am, I’ll probably continue sticking mostly to knit tops and loose bottoms 🤷🏻‍♀️ (I know eshakti is a thing. I don’t like the styles they offer. I’m picky af when it comes to button downs because I like styles that have more flair than a standard classic slim fit cut, but don’t want to go to Urban Outfitters statement sleeves + crop top / boobage level but also don’t want to look like I might hand you a pamphlet about finding god (since I mostly wear modest styles of trousers or skirts rather than jeans)) . I have a lot to say today, so continued in the comments: . Blouse // ASOS (😭 not offered in petites) Culottes // Uniqlo (hemmed) Boots // Treasure & Bond Trench // Banana Republic (Goodwill)

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While I didn’t love how this turned out with the chunky cardigan, I liked the strappy shoes and belt with the puff sleeves as well as the pleat and cuffs of the trousers. All the straps and buckles give a bit (but not too much) of a pirate feel which is fun.

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2019-02-05 Tuesday 51F/39F ⛅️ I haven’t worn this top as much as I’ve wanted to because I always feel like I’m wearing a pirate costume given what the rest of my wardrobe looks like (unless I wear it with jeans, but it’s on the cropped side and I find it fussy to wear with the rise of jeans I have), but I was inspired by @supacheek’s outfit yesterday to pull it out (she has some truly stunning outfits ✨ – I recommend checking out her feed). . I usually don’t like to take direct-mapping outfit inspo from any particular photo because I usually end up just feeling like my outfit would look better if I had items closer to the photo instead, or I’m not sure if I actually want the outfit or mostly the better lighting and fancy hairstyle. But sometimes if I see a pic with an item I have something similar to already, I use it to remind myself it has potential and try and do something with it. . I do feel like it came out rather bulky with the cardigan because the neckline of the top lines up with it, the top itself is light colored and voluminous, and there isn’t otherwise any interesting shape in the cardigan, but today I’d rather wear this and look boxy and have some fuzzy texture than go with a sleeker puffer or something less warm 🤷🏻‍♀️ . I added a necklace to break up the otherwise very ☁️ shape of the top. Went with a non-metallic to tone down the pirate vibes. . Also tried it with the cashmere balloon sleeve cardigan to see what the shape would look like even though I already knew the material wasn’t going to be a good match for the base outfit, which had comparatively thick materials. I think it could work but with a top with a lower neckline and/or thinner material. . Been thinking that I want some sort of block heel pump for warmer weather. I think a lot of my pants look good with either fitted boots or footwear that shows more of the foot for a more continuous leg line with a lower vamp. . My January Round-up post is up on the blog and I have a preview of the next “translating styleboards” post in stories ⬆️ . Top // Uniqlo Pants // Topshop Cardigan // Ralph Lauren (ebay) Flats // Halogen

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Or this one which someone commented that “You look like you’d give me a sidequest if I talked to you. “, which tbh is one of the greatest outfit compliments I’ve ever received. I think the small purse with the snake buckle + the patterned tights really leveled this one up. If it was just the cotton dress without the accessories I don’t think this would have read the same way at all.

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2019-02-03 Sunday 🌼 Making good on one of my 2019 goals of “default/fallback outfits should be awesome outfits”. I originally wanted to try making an outfit with my pleather paneled leggings, but it turned out they were in the dirty laundry (I did five loads including bedsheets yesterday but they were in the pile of the 10 items I didn’t get to wash 😑). If I’ve spent so much time crafting all these past outfits, then I should definitely rewear them instead of throwing on random things when I’m in a nothing-to-wear or rushed day. . Wearing the sort of rustic cotton dress again with slightly different accessories for a fully-committed witch look 🧙🏼‍♀️. I think solid dresses with plain necklines usually look better with a necklace or something to break up the shape. I think last time I tried my Y-shaped silver pendant necklace but I didn’t like it because it felt too much like a rosary over a habit/cossack and I didn’t have time to try other pieces. I think my wilting flower set works though, especially with the gold tone chain of the crossbody purse. . I need to re-lace these boots to be more fitted. They have a side zip but I wore them with thick socks a while back and needed to expand them 🎈 . Dress // Uniqlo U (consignment) Purse // Topshop Necklace and earrings // Madewell Ring // ASOS Tights // Vero Monte (amazon) Boots // Marc Fisher . 🌻🌲✨🐍📖 . I’m pushing myself to wear incrementally more interesting items and combos, even at the expense of always having an optimally flattering outfit. However if anything doesn’t come off as an intentional pairing and I haven’t acknowledged it in the caption, I’d appreciate (constructively phrased) feedback 🙂 . I’m 5’1” and usually a US size 8. . Items I’ve worn in the last 30 days are on my website mgetsdressed.com (link in bio) including brand and wear count 📊 . #redditffa #waywt #wiw #wiwt #ootd #ootdfashion #outfit #outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #whatiwore #currentlywearing #realoutfitgram #style #styleblogger #10x10friends #casualstyle #everydaystyle #stylediaries #petitefashion #outfitdiaries

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I have very few printed items in my closet but I noticed every time I wear them I definitely feel more on point in the whimsical direction. Here I don’t think this was a stellar outfit, but I did like that there were buttons on the skirt as well as oxfords with socks for vintage vibes.

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2019-02-11 Monday 📻 Back to our regular programming. . Really happy I got all the fun socks and tights 🧦 They’re such an easy way to change up the look of an outfit. Here I think the green ribbed velvet socks add some playfulness which is nice because khaki corduroy and a navy modestly-cut floral blouse could start leaning a bit dowdy. . It’s supposed to rain again later in the week so I wanted to get some non-boot footwear in. These oxford pumps are a little harder to walk in with slippery socks, so I’m thinking of getting a thin insert for more traction. . Top // H&M Skirt // Uniqlo x IDLF (ebay) Socks // Treasure and Bond Shoes // Børn . 55/38F 🌤 60-90% humidity, puffer jacket not shown . 🌻🌲✨🐍📖 . I’m pushing myself to wear incrementally more interesting items and combos, even at the expense of always having an optimally flattering outfit. I also walk + take public transit so I don’t always wear my ~most flattering~ shoe option every day depending on what I’ll be doing. However if anything doesn’t come off as an intentional pairing and I haven’t acknowledged it in the caption, I’d appreciate (constructively phrased) feedback 🙂 . I’m 5’1” and usually a US size 8. . Items I’ve worn in the last 30 days are on my website mgetsdressed.com (link in bio) including brand and wear count 📊 . #redditffa #waywt #wiw #wiwt #ootd #ootdfashion #outfit #outfitinspo #outfitoftheday #whatiwore #currentlywearing #realoutfitgram #style #styleblogger #10x10friends #casualstyle #everydaystyle #stylediaries #petitefashion #outfitdiaries

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While this was a solid outfit, I think the minimal color scheme as well as the fitted mini skirt don’t feel quite exciting enough to fit into whimsical. Hence why as mentioned in some of the captions I’m going to see about focusing more on style subcategories. But also I’m def not holding myself to dress super ultra wardrobe goals every single day! That’s exhausting. I’d just like to make it easy to make these kinds of outfits as possible through contents of my wardrobe as well as habits around actually accessorizing.


For the next half of the month, I want to try and get in outfits with the following properties in an attempt to improve along depth, whimsy, and my month goal:

  • attempt an outfit with cropped orange cardigan
  • attempt an outfit with cropped tan cardigan
  • outfits with long cardigans when it isn’t raining
  • outfit with a scarf

And for shopping I will consider:

  • a raincoat that is actually fun (not black or gray, probably a longer one for practicality as well as being able to fit more types of cardigans under it)
  • more prints (especially florals and more ornate ones)


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