DIY shitty Gorillapod for taking outfit photos while traveling

Pretty much what the title says! If you forgot a tripod or gorillapod, or don’t have one, here’s a janky setup that is still better for taking photos in your hotel or airbnb room than a dusty mirror pic or making do with whatever lighting and angle you end up with when perching your phone on a shelf.

YMMV depending on what phone you have and what you have on hand, but I think this should be pretty general.

All you need is a piece of luggage, a hair elastic or rubber band, and your phone.



Hopefully it’s pretty self-explanatory from the photos. Use the elastic to bind the pen and phone into a clamp over the top of your luggage handle, and you can now take photographs from roughly waist height from anywhere in your room as well as adjust the height. It can be a little fiddly and you need to check that the phone isn’t tilted from the side or front before you take a picture with the timer, but I’ve found it was pretty serviceable.

Prior art includes using a binder clip or three to make a stand for your phone (image search for “binder clip phone stand”), although this isn’t quite as portable since you have to also have a conveniently located surface to put it on (same with just finding something to lean your phone against on a table, counter, or bookshelf).

Hope that was helpful, and happy outfit cataloguing!

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